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Monday, November 8, 2021

covid 19-the tale of two quarterbacks


ask me 
are you vaxxinated
my answer
yes without hesitation

i believe covid 19 is real and makes folks especially those at high risk real sick
my wife she and i since we are over 65
mr hudson since he had a kidney transplant and cant get vaxxed yet
my over 80 year old mother in law

so i vaxxed x 3 as did my wife she and my mother in law 
my immediate family is all at least double vaxxed

ms b gets her first vaxxine this week
she should be well immunized note that word immunized from covid

hopefully mr hudson will start to get immunized with the vaxxine the first part of the new year
he probably will get triple vaxxed and possibly 4x vaxxed
the transplant people will also follow his immune response to make sure he responds to the vaxxine

this will all give us a sigh of relief when this all happens

we are at the mercy of others to do the right thing
get vaxxed and dont spread the virus

its real
its still here
expect a surge with the holidays but hopefully not as bad as last year

remember most of the folks infected are not vaxxed
most of the folks who spread it are not vaxxed

luckily for us with all the folks who do step up and get vaxxed
with all the kids getting vaxxed 
we will soon see this pandemic slow down significantly 
i  hope

we are not out of the woods yet

at the top of the quarterback heap in the nfl are two quarterbacks
most agree with the top two

one is at the top and may always be there
his name
tom brady

he is worth millions and is worth millions to his team and millions to the nfl
he does what needs to be done
he is vaxxed
in fact his team is 100% vaxxed

you might add patrick malone in there
he is vaxxed he said to protect his infant daughter

then the second one is aaron rogers
the use to be state farm guy 
they probably pulled his ads as did the wisconsin health system that removed him as a spokesperson

mr rogers not the good one but now the bad guy one
said he was immunized
he looked in the camera just like bill clinton did and lied to us

he is unvaxxed

other quarterbacks are not vaxxed granted most are
they dont lie about it or make a big issue of it
most of us accept thats there choice
it comes with consequences

when you lie the consequences are even worse

he also spit out lots of those conspiracy things that science have proven to be wrong

the covid shot affects fertility 
it doesnt
most fertility experts recommend their patient and their partners get vaxxed
covid affects fertility and can lead to problems with pregnancy

ivermectin works against covid
no it doesnt
it works well against intestinal parasites and scabies
so we now know the other mr rogers doesnt have intestinal worms and his scabies should be cured so he wont spread it to his other fellow teammates
he can or probably gave it to others thats covid im talking about 
hopefully he has no one in his contacts that are high risk
if he does he could kill them

hydroxychloroquine works against covid
no it doesnt
it works against malaria and lupus and rheumatoid arthritis
so we now know the other mr rogers is well treated for malaria and lupus
he probably should get a good eye exam since this drug can affect your eyes

i know i know his covid expert mr rogan seems to know that these two work
im sure he read all the scientific papers saying it doesnt work against covid
but what does those well known scientist know any way

you can get immunity from infection but it can be variable
you may not be immune or you may be immune
you may have light immunity or a good strong immunity 
the scientists in the know with all the brains recommend if you had covid to also get the vaxxine

he says the pandemic is not one of the unvaxxed
sorry he needs a drug test since he must be smoking something too much 
its almost all a pandemic of the unvaxxed
most deaths are in unvaxxed folks
since his team played and lost yesterday 1000 mostly unvaxxed folks have died from covid

he says he is a critical thinker
i say he made and is making a critical mistake
its already has cost him a few million bucks
it probably will lead others to believe him
some will die from covid

blood on his hands

actions have consequences

as least he did one good thing when he was diagnosed he got the monoclonal antibodies
at least he said he did
i hope he didnt inherit the stupid gene

so i have gained a lot of respect for tom brady for making the right decision
i have lost or should i say i have no more respect for the other mr rogers

there are quarterbacks not vaxxed who arent making a big issue of it
they follow the nfl strict protocols for the unvaxxed
every one accepts it
they dont lie or spew falsehoods
kirk cousins from minnesota
most quarterbacks are vaxxed though

hopefully he will come to his senses and get a double check 
getting double vaxxed

i always liked the free spirit of the other mr rogers
this time hes wrong in what he is doing 

the organicgreen doctor 

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