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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

infrastructure its about time revisited


this picture above is the poster picture for our infrastructure system in the us
we use duct tape to fix our bridges eg

i wrote about this back in august in this blog titled infrastructure its about time
now about 3 months later it has finally happened

we have been treating our infrastructure like that emergency bridge repair team is doing in the picture above
we have been adding duct tape to our bridges to hold them together

no matter where you live in the us you have the need for infrastructure repair

we are so far behind other industrialized countries in doing our infrastructure repair and improvement
germany did theirs years ago

we need work done on our roads bridges ports rivers railways metro services like buses rail subways

we all have seen the horrors of how bad the water systems are in some states
like in flint michigan
other cities are probably on the brink of having that happen to them
rural areas are having their underground sources of water get contaminated

the ones i worry about are the kids that drink that bad water
what damage does it do to their rapidly growing bodies especially the brain

we are years behind on improving our water systems rural and urban

i have lived in rural areas where the internet connection is poor or almost nonexistent
you have to have the internet now to survive
work school medical visits communication depends on it
add to all that the phone service for those areas are also poor
its about time we get a major upgrade

whether folks like it or not the eclectic cars are here to stay and will soon take over as the major mode of transportation for most of us to use

we have to have the infrastructure to take care of this explosion in electric vehicles

we have already decided our next vehicle will be an electric car

we have to address climate change
businesses are already looking years ahead to be ready 
we all have to do our part
heck planting a tree every year will help

our ports need upgraded
we are all seeing and feeling the effects of that now

we need our power grid upgraded
ala texas last winter
we see power failures frequently here mainly due to fires and wind

renewable energy is here to stay also
we need to support its development

we need our airports upgraded
we are seeing also a lot of slow downs now with flying part of it is the airport infrastructure

its like we have just bought an old house that has not had any upkeep and maintenance done on it for years
now we have to fix all thats gone wrong
painting replace the roof sewer electric lines doors windows bathrooms etc
you have to do all the infrastructure stuff at once to make it livable

thats what is happening to us
we now own an infrastructure system that is an old system that it all needs fixing
all at once

its like an old car that has never had any routine maintenance
so much has to be replaced to make it work again

we are years late on this but now its done

its interesting that whenever congress does something in a nonpartisan way that we all seem to benefit from it

hopefully when i revisit this blog in a few years i will find a lot of exciting and useful things have happened to the infrastructure around all of us

its about time 

the organicgreen doctor

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