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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, November 22, 2021

covid 19-waxing and waning immunity


will there be a winter surge
the answer is

i would rename it the holidays surge
new years
all the travel 
all the family get togethers
all those parties

the only really safe folks are the triple vaxxed folks
next are the double vaxxed folks whose immunity hasnt waxed and now waned some

only 59% of americans are fully vaxxed
that leaves 41% as vulnerable
the number actually is worse when you consider those double vaxxed folks who were vaxxed over 6 months ago
their immunity is waning

those getting sick and dying from covid are mostly the unvaxxed folks
some and their numbers are climbing are the susceptible vaxxed folks

that why its recommended that folks get triple vaxxed
if you were vaxxed over 6 months ago you should get your third booster shot
if you are 18 or over

the pool of unprotected numbers is 
100 million unvaxxed
100 million not triple vaxxed

thats a big reservoir of victims for the covid infection
they will be the ones on that covid holidays surge graph

now some of you probably had the covid and have natural immunity
that immunity is quite variable
it also is waxing and waning
you may be vulnerable for reinfection even if you got covid before

in 2020 we lost around 385243 to covid
the number should be much lower
in 2021 we so far have lost over 385457 with that number increasing by about 1100 deaths a day

the number of deaths for 2021 should be close to zero
we did it to ourselves

they were almost all unvaxxed
the unvaxxed has kept this pandemic going
the wax and waning of immunity from natural infections and from the vaxxine is also now keeping it going

we have ourselves to blame for this 

those 1100 who die today from covid shouldnt happen today
they are going to die today
almost all of them will be unvaxxed

also we sometimes dont emphasize the effect of post covid symptoms
over 50% of those who got covid infection suffer physical and psychological symptoms for over 6 months
this disease may break our disability system

when you see those miracle recovery cases on the news 
remember they probably will be permanently disabled
many are readmitted multiple times after discharge
many die in the first year

we arent taking this disease serious enough

what does one do if they get covid
if you arent vaxxed or if you are ineffectively vaxxed

you need to get an early diagnosis
if you get diagnosed early enough and your symptoms are worsening

get the antibody infusions
you might have to be proactive and find a place to give it

soon when its approved later this year get one of the new treatment pills to take
it may be 90% effective in preventing severe disease or death

seek steroid treatment early in the disease

sometime next year there may be an antibody injection that will remain in your body for months to protect you also

you could do like 
i did
my wife she did
ms b did
mr hudsons parents did
mr hudson and ms bs other grandparents did
my mother in law did
mr ns parents did
mr ns other grandparents and his other aunts and uncles did
most of my relatives and siblings did
get fully vaxxed
thats actually the almost 100% way to keep from getting sick from covid
definitely keeping you out of the hospital and from dying
keeping you from being on that covid holidays surge graph

have a safe and happy thanksgiving this year

hopefully it wont be a sad time a few weeks from now 

the organicgreen doctor

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