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Monday, November 15, 2021

covid 19-they finally got vaxxed


this is an artist rendition of her vision of the covid virus going down the rabbit hole
hoping i guess for it to be all gone
its been about 18 months since she drew this sidewalk art on her driveway near where we live
im sure that if you had asked her then she would have said that by thanksgiving 2021 it would be all gone down that hole

its not
its still here
to stay for a long long time

i was happy to see that big bird announced that he had gotten the vaxxine
i was worried since big bird must be well over 50 years old
he looks overweight which makes him at risk 
by now he should be triple vaxxed to protect himself and others

apparently on the show he is about 6 years old
in his kid role as a six year old he did his part to get his covid vaxxine
he did the right thing

shame on those who made a big deal out of this 

thanks big bird you have probably saved some parent or grandparent or at risk friend neighbor or relatives life by getting vaxxed

its noted that a lot of those whiners about big bird doing the right thing
they seem to be all vaxxed too

whats good for the gooses is good for the big bird

this little girl is 6 years old
you can see the edge of her smile on her face
she proudly smiled for the camera
she knew this is the time she has been waiting for for months

this is ms b
she is now one shot away in 21 days to being immune to covid
if she gets covid she probably wouldnt get sick
her little brother mr hudson a kidney transplant patient who is not eligible yet for the covid shot
that comes later this year or the beginning of next year
he could get sick real sick if he gets covid

she is protecting him is why she is getting her shot
she also without any complaining pops on her mask at school
never complains
she knows its important to ending the pandemic
making it safe for mr hudson and other at risk folks

this covid has cost her a year of live school

she wants to do her part to make it all end

why cant some of you adults be that responsible to do your part

recently when i was at ucla getting the alzheimers drug aduhelm infusion at the clinical infusion site i talked to a nurse about the covid vaxxine study they were doing

they were giving the vaxxine to folks who have had severe reactions to previous different vaccines
the vaxxines are given in a blinded placebo and real vaxxine groups
these are given in a controlled situation so if emergency care is needed its available
so far
only one person had a reaction and that was the next day and it was just a generalized rash that was treated
that person is now immunized

it will be interesting to see what the results of that study shows

maybe some of those folks who were worried about a reaction will then get theirs knowing its safe

looking ahead
there is starting to be an uptick in cases and hospitalizations and soon deaths
how tall that peak will get
how bad it will all be 
is determined by 

how many more folks will get vaxxed

how many kids get vaxxed since they are now the big vectors for transmitting the virus

how many folks who got the covid infection developed good immunity 
each case apparently is variable some get good immunity and some dont
those who dont can get covid again

how many at risk people needing third shots get them
it seems the immunity is starting to wear off on those who were the first to get the shots
they need to get a booster
i expect a booster is going to be needed on an every year basis or even more often
hopefully an accurate blood test can be done to measure ones immunity soon 

a friend who was double vaxxed got a breakthrough case of covid 
he was only sick two days
his antibody level was extremely high a few weeks after the breakthrough case

a simple accurate blood test if its developed could be used to document true immunity
so we could define who needs vaxxed or revaxxed
hopefully that will happen soon

around 730000+ folks have died in the us from covid
almost all are unvaxxed

we lost over 8000 in the us last week
almost all are unvaxxed
very few of them should have died

the numbers of fully vaxxed
in california  61.9%
in texas  53.8%
in arkansas  48.5%
in maine  71.2%
in florida  60.2%

as the weather get colder and folks move more inside
as the holidays arrive
the number of cases will rise 
how high that new peak will be 

we are having our first get together for thanksgiving since covid hit
those there
adults eligible are triple vaxxed
younger adults are double vaxxed
two adults got breakthrough cases after being double vaxxed
one child had covid already

it will be in a location where the doors and windows can be left opened
outside sitting is available

we will probably remain masked until we eat thanksgiving dinner

we feel some normalcy returning
it all depends on those around you what they do

be safe
be smart
get vaxxed
get triple vaxxed when its your turn

dont be a statistic

if big bird and ms b can do it
the rest of yall can

the organicgreen doctor

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