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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

im coming home

thats the words he uttered that are best remembered
chris kyle
in the american sniper
Image result for american sniper
im sure a lot of servicemen have uttered those words in
past wars
probably mostly in letters

do they mean more for those who fought in our latest wars
so many went back like chris kyle did over and over again

we get a true glimpse of what war is like
what these soldiers have to go through
what they have seen
what they have to do sometimes that goes against humanities

what its like when they come home
we hear a lot about this latest war
what problems these soldiers face
what about those viet nam korean and ww2 soldiers
were they so affected
is this latest war worse

they should make all politicians who took part
in making the decision to send our troops over to
fight this war
make them watch this movie
to really see what its like
to ask themselves
was all this worth it after all the money we have spent
all the lives we have lost
all the lives we have destroyed
was it all worth it
in the end

these politicians made the choice to fight this war
they need to see what it does to those sent over
they will be more cautious in doing this again

now its my opinion after watching the movie
american sniper
that all americans should watch this movie
whether you are male or female
black or white or brown
conservative liberal moderate
muslem christian agnostic atheist buddhist
young or old
college and high school students

we should all watch this movie
to help us decide
when we should send these soldiers off to war
is it all worth it

ww2 i would say yes
korean war im not too sure
viet nam the answer is no
afghanistan i would say yes
iraq war i would say obviously not

i still dont think the movie
american sniper was the best movie made last year
its one that unlike the others
we all should watch
maybe even be required to watch

it just grabs your gut and wont let go

chris kyle was an american hero
Image result for chris kyle funeral
its so sad he was taken my one who fought in the same war
but was damaged by its effects

so sad that chris kyle made it through the war
to lose his life helping one of his own

an american tragedy

the organicgreen doctor

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