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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, June 22, 2015

it doesnt seem right

every time i read something about this
talk about this
this is what i say

it doesnt seem right

it seems that teachers are always getting screwed
in the deal
whenever a decision is made about money
my wife she is a school teacher
which she loves to do
its her calling

when she was in high school she worked and started paying
social security taxes
she worked through college and paid
social security taxes
she worked off and on for several years and paid
social security taxes

so now as she approaches her eligibility to draw her
social security
she can only get a small portion of what she was eligible for
she is a school teacher

she has over 20 years paid into the social security system
she would also qualify as a spouse on my social security
she doesnt qualify to receive any since
she is a school teacher

when i die she would qualify to get my full social security
but she only qualifies for half the benefits since
she is a school teacher
i ran the numbers once
since she started teaching later in life
if she said i dont want my teacher retirement you just keep it
just drew my social security when i died
she would make more money each year

of course
they wont let her do it

the retirement system in the progressive state of texas has
no cost of living adjustment
so when you retire it never ever goes up
so in 10 years you may lose 30% buying power of your
retirement money
in 20 years you may lose over 50+%
so heres an example of my wife shes potential numbers
teacher retirement in 2 years is 20k
social security after adjustment is 3k instead of 12k
if she used my social security is 0k instead of 15k
if i died she would get 15k instead of 30k

lucky for us we were were able to make investments in
retirement iras and 401ks to compensate for the loss
most almost all teachers are not financially able to do this
leaving many of them headed to sure poverty that
progressively gets worse as they age in retirement

the federal government recognized this inequity in the past
and put in a law that if a teacher worked a day after retirement
and paid social security  they would get the social security
they paid in or their spouses paid in
it was repealed several years ago
your teachers that taught you at least in texas to get poorer
as they get older

there is a petition to fix this back to the way it should be

please read 
forward it on
so this inequity can be righted
petition link

remember this is not benefits they didnt earn
the teachers or their spouses paid their social security taxes

left out of course are those teachers who have no social security
tax paid into the system
that inequity is the result of districts not paying into the social
security system
around here killeen isd and austin isd do
in arkansas the districts pay social security taxes
so teachers working there arent affected

please sign
and let these teachers get what they paid for
share on facebook and other social media sites
petition link

i did

the organicgreen doctor

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