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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

a strong man

maybe i like him because he is from arkansas
like i am
Image result for charlie strong

he is from a military family
he played college football in arkansas

he coached under sporty carpenter a well known arkansan
high school and small college coach that produced a lot of
college and high school coaches

he coached at notre dame florida louisville ole miss south carolina
southern illinois texas am

he was close to being on the chopping block last year
after another loosing season
you gotta win in college football to keep your job

especially here in texas

so charlie strong this strong man came here a couple years ago

i like him besides being an arky
he is a principled guy

he has these core values
no drugs
no stealing
no guns
treat women with respect
no earrings on campus
players will attend all classes and sit in front two rows
take notes no texting no earphones
if a player misses a class he runs until it hurts
if he misses two his whole position unit runs
if he misses three his position coach runs
coaches dont like to run
players dont live off campus
these are his main ones

dont do them
see ya is what happens
test him which 11 players did
some good ones now starting elsewhere
you are gone

dont treat women with respect
you be gone
didnt take long for the first two players to be dismissed for this one
maybe another school close by could use this rule
well it seems a lot could

so he cleared out 11 good players who didnt follow the rules
a lot didnt even stay around when he took over because of
the rules

he played with a reduced number of good players for a couple years
now after three years
he has mostly his players he recruited
who know coming into the program what is expected of them
no questions asked

you can see the respect that exudes from the players for him
you know when you discipline a child
knowing you are doing the right thing
but it still hurts anyway as a parent
they respect you for it

so it is with charlie strong

as i watched news reports on the sports stations yesterday
you could see the respect they had for his approach
you could tell that the  reporters
wanted him to be a winner

we need someone like him in collegiate sports
to take the high road

wonder if old jerry jones would hire him for the cowboys
they are fellow arkansans

charlie wouldnt tolerate it

the organicgreen doctor

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