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Monday, September 12, 2016

whats pneumonia mean

so apparently hillary clinton has pneumonia
so as a doctor and trying to be objective
which as a doctor you learn to be
keep your political and religious beliefs to yourself
dont reflect them onto others
as you make decisions on a persons care

a 68 year old female who is otherwise healthy develops pneumonia

first a 68 year old female should have had a pneumococcal pneumonia
vaccine that shoud prevent her from getting this type of infection

commonly it associated with
acute onset
shortness of breath
you get sick quick
if a person is in good health
they usually respond quickly to oral antibiotics starting within 24 hours
the recovery is quick

i had this in my late 50s
woke up with high fever shortness of breath cough chest pain
when i took a deep breath
got short of breath walking into the office

my doctor felt like it was bacterial most likely pneumococcal
gave me antibiotics which are the ones hillary probably got
i felt better in 24 hour hours
was back to work in a few days
even working on the country n without problems

my guess is hillary did not have pneumococcal pneumonia
if she got her pneumonia shot

another kind of pneumonia you get is mycoplasma pneumonia
you tend to have a gradual insidious onset
that lingers with you for awhile even after you are treated
commonly the antibiotic most of know is used to treat this
called the zpack

the odds are this is the one she has
fatique is a big part of this one
a lot of the healing has to be done by the patient

when i was a medical student i think i had mycoplasma pneumonia
the cough persisted for awhile
the fatigue was impressive
the recovery where i felt make to normal was slow
it took a few weeks

there is viral pneumonia
sorry antibiotics dont work on this one
you the patient have to heal this one
she might have this one

it doesnt mean she has something bad wrong with her
just because she got pneumonia

so reading yesterdays story and knowing that she was dehydrated
it all makes sense to me
my wife she was helping me do a habitat landscape recently
it was real real humid like in new york yesterday
we were just shoveling mulch mostly in the shade
i looked around
i said
where the heck did she go
there she was laying on a trailer
really wiped out
she looked a lot worse than hillary did yesterday

she was overheated
ended up with a severe headache
muscle cramps and muscle pain
that took a lot of rehydration to make her better
lots of acetaminophen
in a couple of days she was better

hillary should recover fine from yesterdays event

it was hard to sort this out based on what news reports
were shown
cannt news folks just write the facts
let us determine ourselves what happened

fox news reports didnt match up with msnbc reports

i also read about her health issues
trying to sort it all out objectively

hillary has hypothyroidism
my wife she has it
lots and lots of my patients had it
athletes doctors lawyers professors sicentists politicians even kids
it aint no big deal

you just take synthroid or the generic levothyroxine
like hillary does she takes the older armour thyroid
it doesnt matter what you take as long as the tsh levels are kept
within a normal range
there are no long term health effects as long as these levels are maintained

she fell and hit her head when she was dehydrated from a stomach virus
sometimes when you hit your head the vessels between the skull and the
brain can tear and bleed
thats what when you go to the er after you get knocked out or have a head injury
they do a ct scan of the head

if its small like hers you dont do anything

its not unusual to have a concussion from a fall like she had
you can get headaches blurry vision dizziness from the concussion
thats why some football players are kept out of football after theirs
until all those symptoms resolve

i have had 3 concussions in my lifetime
i speak from experience
i survived all mine to go to college medical school residency training
and 30 years of practice
no residual was caused by the concussions

hillary has had two blood clots in her legs
there are a lot of people who had had them
if they reoccur you commonly take coumadin as a blood thinner
to prevent them from reoccurring
now there is another drug thats used sometimes
it expensive and has some side effects that kept it off the market
for a long time
you know you see the ads on tv for it
with the quick fast talking guy talking about side effects

as with all medicines there are side effects
coumadin has them
its given to prevent the blood clots which can break off
go to the lungs causing lung blood clots
thats what serena the tennis player had
i think she takes blood thinners also

hillary also has dang good lipid profile
much better than mine
i take medicine for mine hers is better though

she has had normal ultrasounds of her carotids
heart and major arteries

so i see no reason for her not to be a presidential candidate
if she wins the election
no health reason not to be president

now mr trump
it appears he has good stamina
since he has not released any of his medical records and labs
we dont know where he is

if he releases his records ill be glad to be objective
when i look at them

now john mccain released close to 1500 pages on his health
that had everything you would need to know

personally i think
the presidential candidates should go through an independent
evaluator like bethesda maryland
to have a good through independent evaluation for all of us
to see

all i can say is let the games begin
we have 6 weeks or so to go

the organicgreen doctor

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