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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

do debates matter

thats the question i was asking myself
we watched all 90 minutes plus of the debates
we watched the pre show and the post show
Image result for presidential debate

i have a rule
i dont listen to pundits from either side
since i have a mute button on my remote
darwinian mute button

the reason we watch the debates
that we dont want to rely on someone elses opinion
on who won
what was discussed
was it fair

ill decide that myself

now i realize that
the debate no matter what happened or what was said
was not going to change my mind on whom i was going to vote
i doubt that many of you got your mind changed

looking at the debate
i think hillary won the debate
scattered across the new media and from politicians
who were trump supporters
agree with my assessment

did it matter
well it didnt change my mind
nor did it change most of everyone elses minds

it seems the ones that it could affect are
those millennials
yep yours and my kids and grandkids
may decide this election
scary huh

white women
i tell you they are always are under control those females
subtle like
if you are married and are a male
well you already know this

does it matter
these debates

i would say from what i hear and read
it matters

the election may hinge on these next two debates

no i personally dont care if
he releases his tax returns
her emails i could care less about
i dont care about bills indiscretions since all know about them
i dont care about hearing childish words slug back and forth

i care about

how each treats other human beings

pensions which may break state and city government
guess who will be paying when that happens

dont just say get rid of it
solution please
i for one am a big advocate of medicare for all
with a lot of tough decisions which our politicians cant seem to make


social security the big elephant in the room

immigration a fair policy please

sorry we have to have taxes
even fairminded billionaires recognize we have to tax people
just make it more fair
we cant cut taxes and keep spending

race relations

most of these werent even discussed

so thats what i want them to talk about
how to fix these issues

i want all the millennials to vote
its really thier future here we are talking about

they need to speak on their behalf

all those who say they are going to sit this one out
you cant do that
there is too much at stake

if you arent registered to vote
or if you dont vote
there is no excuse
you have no right to complain about anything

if you arent registered to vote
here is a link
walks you through how to
register to vote in every statte


if you dont use it
you might lose it

the organicgreen doctor

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