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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

infrastructure being ignored will catch up with us eventually



we hear it every 4 years
it receives a lot of attention as all those
politicians try to get elected
silence after the election

our infrastructure for our roads and
bridges are falling apart

if we dont get them maintained and
repaired we will deal with it only with
crisis intervention
which means it will cost more and wont
be done right or may not even need to be

here in california they raised what i call
an infrastructure tax
it was levied on each gallon of gas
it is 12 cents a gallon for repair and
improving infrastructure

when i go to the gas station to buy gas
which since ive moved here isnt but
about once a month
it seems when you look at the price
its more like the bump you see
sometimes around a major holiday or
when the gas supply gets limited for
some reason

i sort of notice it but it doesnt bother
me since i know i and us here will
benefit from what the money is being
taxed for

we cant ignore this infrastructure thing
too long
if we do itll cost us a lot more

this infrastructure thing got more personal
our condo complex was found to have a
gas leak
off goes the gas to everyone
nope it cant come back on until all the
lines are replaced
thes lines leaked off and on for several
years getting replaced as they broke
in a method thats called crisis intervention
youre right
it will cost a lot more now that it has to
be done
a lot of inconvenience
more than two months

think cold showers no gas dryers cold
swimming pool no gas heaters no gas
i must say a nice cold shower is
its better than a bold cup of kava

what if this had all been fixed or repaired
when it was recognized it was a problem
we wouldnt be as inconvenienced or have
a bigger hole in our pocket books

dont worry we are able to put in a
temporary electric water heater while they
are doing the gas lines

so soon it will be all good
theres the old sewer lines and the old
water lines then the old electric lines then
the old phone lines then the old cable lines
you can see where this is going

like in our condo
our infrastructure across the us is
its in need of repair

it has to be taken care
it will take a tax to pay for it
theres no other way
it seems a gas tax is the best way to
do it
with the caveat that the gas tax
can only be used for the infrastructure
and not anything else

the organicgreen doctor

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