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Monday, June 18, 2018

kids come first

Image result for american flag with a kid on it

i am sure if she was still alive she would agree with her daughter in law
barbara would probably say it was cruel and immoral treatment

there are 4 living ex first ladies or first ladies

ms bush 2 says its immoral and cruel
the present first lady doesnt like separating those kids from their mothers
you can see some folks who are suppose to be agreeing with whats going on
well you can see them squirm and hem and haw
you know they are uncomfortable with whats going on
you see they are mothers who have held their babies and their kids
they know how that mothers bond that mothers instinct how strong it is
they know its not right

this folks
it transcends religion race politics
you can see religious leaders some already outspeaking against separating the moms and kids
they know for those who are religious be they protestant catholic hindu muslim
they know its not right

i think back of all the refuge pictures from that mass exodus from the middle east to the european countries i dont remember ever seeing or hearing of any country separating women and children
they know its just immoral to do that

we in our country have done some immoral and cruel things
slaughtering hundreds of american indians
murdering and killing blacks across the south
putting japanese in interment camps
stealing their land and property
thats immoral and cruel

this it seems is another layer of cruel and immoral

have you ever been in texas in the hot summer
even with air conditioning its uncomfortable
now put yourself in a hot tent city in southern texas
thats almost cruel treatment there

i must say i agree with those two first ladies
and im sure the other two living ones agree also
that this isnt right
its immoral whats being done

quit pointing fingers
stop it
do whats right for our civilized country

may god have mercy on your soul if you dont

the organicgreen doctor

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