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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

what to do with this stuff

Image result for glob of plastic in the ocean

archaeologists and historians love trash
even the american indians had trash piles where they put everything trash in them so you could dig through them years later to learn something about that american indian tribe

so it was with farmers ranchers old western towns old factory towns

i remember when we grew up we always had a burning barrel where we burned everything then what was left got dumped in a heap usually away from the house
during that time when you went to the store you got this paper bag to put stuff in and you used it for other things when you unpacked the groceries
that was before plastic and plastic bags

did you know when you drive from the most eastern border of texas to the california coast that when you get halfway there you are only in amarillo on the western border of texas
theres a plastic accumulation in the ocean the size of texas
folks if you have ever made that drive in the hot summer with no air conditioner you have a pretty good idea how big and huge that amount of plastic is

i saw where this soda straw made of plastic was stuck in one of those big ole sea turtles
it took folks a long time to get i removed
what a blood mess that was
have you ever stuck accidentally of course one of those up your nose
it hurts bad and it bleeds alot

now we my wife she and i have been good recyclablers for a long time
for awhile at the country n we were able to recycle all plastic including plastic bags at our local
do it yourself recycle place
we were told to stop

the only trash we had after aggressively recycling was that plastic stuff that if put in the trash and if it goes to the landfill its always there for the archaeologist to find
tons and tons and tons
some well alot of it gets into the ocean where it either washes ashore or seems to get all joined together somewhere somehow in the gigantic texas size glob of stuff that is there for ever for all to see

i always wonder if one day some country as that glob gets bigger and bigger and thicker and thickker
if they can claim it as their territory
i can see china doing that maybe even using it to land planes on
heck as big as that glob is they could start a new country new plasticonia

i just went into our kitchen and looked in our trash
we have two
trash and the other recycling

now we save all our garbage stuff to either feed the chickens at the gardens or i feed it to my worms in my 8 5gallon worm buckets in my garden or i dump it in the compost
since we rarely eat meat there is rarely any meat stuff

i dug down into my recyclable bag
there is cardboard newspapers magazines mail all kinds of recyclable plastic stuff and some glass occasionally but not often
we do manage to fill it up fairly regularly

i dug down into the trash bag
theres cleaning disposal rags in there and an awful lot of plastic things like ziplock bags veggie plastic bags wraps for cheeses and other veggies and grain bags and bags the beans and rice and things like that come in plastic that comes on boxes you see through and the list goes on and on
most of our trash is plastic

im hoping it all doesnt go into the ocean somewhere that it all goes into some landfill that im sure will one day be this big blob of plastic stuff that takes over the landfill
never to go away

i wonder if one day there will be so many of these blobs of plastic that the world will be thrown off its axis and just whorl out into space like those old spin tops use to do when we played with them as a kid

i feel like we are doing our part my wife she and i to cut out the plastic trash that we produce but its hard really hard not to generate a lot of it
i rarely if ever use the veggie bags for our veggies as i commonly just put them loosely in my shopping cart

im sorry but ive said all this and i didnt offer a solution
im sorry but i dont have one
all we can do is do our part
to find a way to limit this stuff in our trash

we take care of our little world our little space
thats all we can do
while hoping yall do the same

this article on suggestions is helpful

the organicgreen doctor

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