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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, March 16, 2020

a poem for mr hudson

Hi, my name is Hudson.

You know, like the river. Or this old actor guy, only my grandparents remember.

I am almost 2 years old.

And I have a problem.

Yeah, not even 2 and I have a problem already.

But maybe you can help me with it.

And people tell me helping makes everyone feel better.

You see, when I was in my mom’s belly getting ready for earth, my plumbing got messed up.

These things called kidneys — a pretty silly name if you ask me.

Most humans have two of them, but mine don’t work right.

Something called Chronic Kidney Disease.

And if they don’t work right, I won’t get to . . . well, I don’t want to think of the things I won’t get to do,
because everyone tells me you can’t live at all without kidneys.

That’s the bad news.

But the good news is I found someone to give me one of theirs.

Pretty cool.

They say I can run — and do a lot of other things — with just one.

That person is my hero.

So, why this story?

How can you help me if I already have a new kidney?

Well, kidneys aren’t cheap.

Way more than bicycles and balls and ice creams.

And you need kidneys your whole life.

And people with plumbing like mine, need to go to the doctor a lot.

And get poked and tested and plugged in and a bunch of other stuff, our whole lives.

And those things are what costs way more than ice cream.

And they don’t even come in flavors!

But if I can put up with those appointments and pokings and tests, I will be able to taste ice cream
for as long as people with normal kidneys do.

I think it will be
worth it.

Don’t you?

What’s your favorite flavor?
Oh yeah, I’m supposed to be asking you for help not your favorite ice cream flavor.


I have this big piggy bank that I am gonna need to keep filling up my whole life so I can pay for
all that doctor stuff.
And that’s where I need your help.

My piggy bank is called COTA and you can donate there.

You can also share my story with friends of yours. You know, social media, messages, phone calls,
and ways they haven’t even made up yet.

You can share my story so they can help me keep COTA full. 

Tell them I’ll be shaking that piggy bank my whole life because of them.

And tell them I will be smiling.

And riding a bike and licking an ice cream cone.

Because of them.

And I hope they think that will be worth it.

Don’t you?


we asked an author and writer and friend to write this for hudson to post here and also to link to
hudsons facebook page and his cota page
thank you john sb for this poem for hudson

The Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) helps children and young adults who need a life-saving transplant by providing fundraising assistance and family support. COTA is the nation’s only fundraising organization solely dedicated to raising life-saving dollars in honor of transplant-needy children and young adults. 100% of each contribution made to COTA in honor of our patients helps meet transplant-related expenses. COTA’s services are free to our families, and gifts to COTA are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Sample Image
here is hudsons facebook page
a kidney for hudson

we have hit two major road bumps for hudson
the transplant center is delaying all live kidney transplants because of the covid 19
his is not delayed yet but likely will be
we will know within two weeks if thats the case

what does that mean for hudson if he is delayed
he is now at the point where he either gets transplanted or he has to start dialysis
this will require a surgery to place the tubing in his abdomen so he can start all night peritoneal dialysis
the family will have to learn how to do the dialysis before he can come back home
he will do dialysis until he gets transplanted
things are better overall long term if you dont have to do dialysis

so we wait

another bump
his live kidney donor lives on the east coast
we and everyone involved are worried about her health and being able to get her safely flown to the west coast for the donation
this is especially worrisome if they close down airline flights into california
we are trying to locate a private jet service that will fly her safely here from her home on the east coast
if you know if any possible organization or business that would help please go to
hudsons facebook page and contact the family

all those of us who are around hudson are self quarantining ourselves to protect him

the childrens organ transplant association or cota looks at a familys financial situation and health insurance coverage and the age of the patient and tries to calculate future needs that mr hudson can access into the future when its needed
when you look at some of the kids on the list you will see a big difference in what each family needs

any donation will be helpful

whatever you religious beliefs please direct those prayers and chants and energy and thoughts towards hudsons situation

the organicgreen doctor

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