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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

our covid 19 quarantine update and mr hudson update

what we are doing my wife she and i to quarantine ourselves is what we were going to do anyway
it started after mr hudsons transplant appointment
i came home and told my wife she
its time
we cant get sick and if we do we cant be around mr hudson
starting today and lasting well way off into the future as he will always be immunosuppressed just not as much as he will be for a few months after his transplant
even without this covid 19 pandemic
we would be self quarantining ourselves for weeks to months anyway

in regards to mr hudson as an update
we probably have a plane and pilot to fly the donor
its been worked on to make that happen
thanks to all that gave us suggestions

now mr hudson is in a waiting game
if the covid 19 intensifies around here so the hospitals get overwhelmed
his transplant will be delayed

if he gets transplanted they give him strong immune suppressing drugs that make him highly susceptible to infections
it puts him in the hi risk category with his great grandmother and those with chronic diseases like heart lung kidney diseases like rheumatoid arthritis  ulcerative colitis diabetes crohns lupus asthma cancer  just to name a few diseases
if its delayed he will have to start peritoneal dialysis until his transplant happens
thats a good thing and a bad thing

bad is
he has to start dialysis which is a life changer for parents
its also better to not have to do dialysis as it just makes things safer if you dont have to do it
its another surgery he could have avoided

the good is if there is a good
if his transplant is delayed it will allow him to grow larger and will make it possible to do the transplant into the part of his belly they really want the new kidney to be placed which is actually better for him as he gets older

as i told his parents at least mr hudson has an option
many in his situation dont
they would have to be transplanted and probably be exposed to the covid 19 infection in the hospital
if you arent sick being in a hospital over the next few weeks or months may be the worst place to be

so we wait

here is the link to his
a kidney for hudson facebook page
a kidney for hudson cota page

so after the transplant appointment last week i came home to access what staples we had
we have quarts of dried christmas lima beans and several half bags of dried beans
we have a bag of pasta and a bag of rice and a loaf of bread and chips and cookies
we have in our freezer frozen soups and other meals and some green beans and some tomatoes and some bell peppers and jalapenos and some frozen meals
we have toilet paper for awhile and just one roll of paper towels
ok i remember using the sear catalog at my grandparents outhouse so i will admit im starting to stockpile the local throwaway newspapers
we have plenty of soaps and detergents
i needed a bag of coffee

i then went to my garden to see what i had growing
i thought well eat this stuff first then go after the staples
i harvested this bucket of stuff for a big pot of greens
green onions amaryth collards kale cabbage leaves spinach swiss chard
these i plan to chop up today and cook for a pot of greens which we will eat for a few meals
plus it allows me an excuse to have corn bread

i then harvested salad stuff for salads which we eat at  most meals anyway
different lettuces kale swiss chard baby cabbage leaves green onions calendula flowers borage flowers amaryth kale lots of sweet peas
we also had in the garden a few spare oranges to pick

i then came home and opened the refrigerator and picked stuff out of their for refrigerator stew
a bag of my frozen green beans a can of tomatoes a couple of larger green onions some garlic a potato some old mushrooms i picked out the good ones some left over celery some left over chopped up broccoli and cauliflower some jalapenos some bell peppers
this was all thrown together with seasonings and veggie broth to make this stew

i now have over a couple of week of food for meals from my garden and my refrigerator

the next thing i did was go to the store
cvs for hand sanitizer since we had none and none was found

ralphs to get some staples and some food not found at trader joes like my coffee i like
i arrived at 630am like i usually do with my list
i knew it was not good when the parking lot was full and most of the buggies were gone
i found a buggy
grabbed my coffee and some drink mix turned to go down the frozen aisle to get my veggie burgers
there were none in fact little was left and i ran into this long long line of folks extending from this one checkout lane
i thought im done ill just go to self check out with my two items i even left my buggy in the aisle
when i got to the self check all 6 were closed i took a deep breath and laid my coffee down on the counter and left

i went to trader joes at 8am like i usually do
in the parking lot was a line that was about 50 people long
usually there are only about 5-10 folks
i just kept driving to my garden and did my harvesting

later at 1030am i returned to trader joes to do my shopping
most of what i wanted was there
there were not any canned beans or canned tomatoes or broths or soups that i always keep stored at least two of each
there were no pasta
i always buy my wife she blueberries two bags at a time
when i looked at the freezer there were only two bags left
i thought to myself im not going to hoard even though i usually get two bags
i left one there for someone else to take
that made me feel good

i refuse to do the hoarding like ive seen others do
we all have to get through this together
there is enough supplies for everyone
i hope the stores start putting strict rules on hoarding

when i got home i reassessed where we are
we have enough food for a month or two
we got tp to last us for that time period
i found some coffee
we need sanitizer
we have plenty of hand soap though

i plan to shop each week with a list like i always do
why dont all of you do the same

man i sure wish i lived at the country n now

the organicgreen doctor

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