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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Friday, March 27, 2020

day #7 covid 19 quarantine


almost 7 days ago i was happily working in my garden when i noticed some dizziness when i stood up
then when i was walking up the garden a few hundred feet i noticed i got short of breath
i begin to feel like i was coming down with something
as i got home and was walking up the stairs to our condo i got short of breath
i showered then my wife she made me a bowl of soup which i only ate half of because of a loss of appetite that had developed

after lunch i did not feel well
i took a nap
i woke up with marked nausea like i was going to vomit
i had several episodes of diarrhea
i began to run fever with chills
as the day progressed my symptoms seemed to get worse
i went to the emergency room after talking to the triage nurse
i knew from my reading that this covid 19 can hit suddenly with a vengeance especially if presents first with severe gastrointestinal symptoms
if it starts with the intestinal symptoms then progresses rapidly the prognosis can be bad
especially since i had the shortness of breath earlier
i was also worried about my exposure to mr hudson the two days before

as i wrote before i was seen and had a workup to rule out that this thing was taking off in an aggressive manner
all the tests were negative except i had lowered my sodium and potassium from my episodes of diarrrhea already
note i had just had my annual labs i have done so we knew what my baseline labs were

this is my covid 19 lab result
it doesnt say negative
it says not detected

i know as i wrote yesterday what that means
it means its really negative or it means the swab didnt have enough virus on it or it had changed some or some transport problem had happened

yesterday on our local news a story about a local physician was told
he had the covid 19 infection with the exact symptoms that i had and am having now
it took him over 8 days to recover

if i was in practice and was advising me if i was my patient
this is what i would tell myself
your covid 19 test showed not detected but based on your symptoms you should consider that you have the covid 19 infection and protect yourself and your family
thats what im doing

sometime in the future i plan on getting a blood test to test to see if my body developed an antibody to the covid 19
it would tell me that this was definitely covid 19
it also would mean if it was positive i would then be immune to the covid 19 sometime into the future
hopefully those blood tests will be coming to us soon

today at 7am my time i have been up for 3 hours
i have had one episode where my fever went up and i have chills
that seems to happen every morning
i was able to drink again a cup of coffee and nibbled on a few crackers
later i will eat a piece of toast and an egg even though i am not hungry

last night was the first time in 7 days that i didnt just have to force myself to eat
i was able to eat a half bowl of rice with some bean juice on it with crackers on the side
i could have eaten more but didnt want to push it
i had a headache last night even though i was maxed out on acetaminophen but do not have one this morning
i dont have an appetite
i do have a wave of nausea that is associated with my fever spikes

i think knock on wood knock knock that i am slightly better this am
i am almost afraid to have written that
ill see how it goes

my plan is to quarantine myself at least a week after all my symptoms have resolved or unless the cdc and health officials have other recommendations

this video below is of the nba basketball player steph curry interviewing dr anthony fauci
steph is asking the questions that we all would ask dr fauci if we could
steph had his millions of followers submit questions to dr fauci
steph picked the top questions to ask
he asked the ones i would have asked dr fauci

dr anthony fauci is the grey headed guy from the cdc that tells us just the facts and the truth

his answers will answer a lot of the questions you would probably ask him

if you are going to watch a video today i would watch this one

be safe

the organicgreen doctor

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