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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

day #11 covid 19 quarantine mr hudson update


today when i got up a couple hours ago i felt better so it seems to be the case every day
yesterday i seemed to have an almost normal appetite
the appetite still better than it was
i am now off acetaminophen for over 24 hours

i did have one episode of fever although it didnt feel too high that was associated with chills that lasted for a few minutes then went away
it was nothing like the first few days when i would just shake all over in bed from the chills
thats means i lost a day on my getting out of jail quarantine card
that gets moved later the other way one day

my nasal congestion and runny nose is better
i can tell from looking at my daily use of facial tissues to blow my nose
it the runny nose is mostly after i wear my mask
that mask must be one contaminated piece probably the worse contaminated item in my back bedroom

i have been living in this thankfully large bedroom by myself for 11 days
granted a few days i dont remember as well as others
at one point i looked around
man this looks like a homeless encampment
i have trash bags of trash and dirty clothes awaiting removal when my day comes
we may when this is over move out and bomb the place to sterilize it

i put on my mask to go to the bathroom removing it as i reenter the bedroom
my wife she passes food onto a book i have set on the floor
she sits outside the door at meal time with the door mostly closed so we can feel like we are having meal time together
she only uses the toilet and shower in the bathroom
she uses the kitchen to wash her hands etc
i even taught her sterile technique when she unloads our instacart groceries
we arent taking chances

anytime i use the toilet it is wiped or sprayed with lysol
i use my walking stick to flush with

i am no longer using any toilet paper
ill spare you the details
thanks to the survivor website for recommendations

i have the nasal congestion but im better
i have a scratchy throat and hoarseness that doesnt seem worse today
im looking at this weekend to use my get out of quarantine card
even then i will consider myself contaminated just to be safe and will continue to social isolate myself to protect others for awhile

if i had the covid 19 which i feel i did then i am immune to it and for an unknown period of time will not have to worry about catching it

it seems san francisco may be dodging the peak
why they shut things down early
folks that live there are usually fairly healthy
history will look back favorably on those states and cities like san francisco that shut down early

it seems that washington state may have reached the peak also

history will not look favorably on those states like florida who did not shut down early even though they probably have the most vulnerable population in the united states
history is not going to be kind to that governor

for those who live in the more rural states and states not hit early you are probably lucky that you got to see all that this virus can do and you are doing what needs to be done
dont let up

i noticed more recommendations are being made to wear masks
not the ones that medical folks need just those regular masks or even a bandanna
one it scares people when they see you with it on
in fact if you want people to stay away from you just wear one and do a pretend cough in your elbow
you will definitely get that 10 ft separation real fast sorry 6 ft isnt enough for me
the mask stops you from coughing germs out in a spray
it might help some to keep you from inhaling the virus
if you use a cloth one it needs to be washed frequently to kill any viruses on it
anytime you touch it you need to wash your hands

interesting article i read about a digital thermometer company that lets folks download their readings online
it seems they have been able to predict outbreaks before the cdc has been able to

mr hudson had his kidney transplant delayed like most other kidney transplant folks with live donors because of the covid 19 outbreak
just 3 weeks ago we had his transplant appointment
it was decided it was time to do it as he had reached 22lbs or 10kg
it was scheduled for april 21
his renal function had deteriorated and it was either do dialysis or do the transplant
all hell broke lose

the transplant was canceled
the thought was he would probably have to have a dialysis tubing implanted surgically soon and have to start dialysis
thats what we were facing

looking at whats about to happen is los angeles his transplant would have been at the peak of the los angeles covid 19 outbreak
looking back now we realize they made the right decision
mr hudsons immune system would have been at the lowest point it will ever be

his bun or blood urea nitrogen at that time was 90
medical folks know thats not good

a repeat bun was done last week
the plan was that if climbed anymore he would have to start dialysis

at the last appointment they recalculated his daily caloric intake
using a mixture of two kidney formulas and a food supplement with carbs and median chain triglycerides given as oral feeds then using his feeding tube at night to get any calories he missed during the day he has been able to maintain his caloric intake
he still eats some so thats just extra calories

he quickly gained weight
he gained a lb and a half real quick
they also are able to limit his protein intake better this way which helps to lower his bun

he seems to feel better
he seems happier and more active

this last lab his bun was 64 and his creatinine was 6.39
these numbers are back to where they were almost 3 months ago

what this means is for now he wont need dialysis
he continues to grow so that is kidney can probably now be placed where they really wanted it instead of the mid abdomen

he redoes labs in one month

now we have to keep him in total isolation

be safe
keep folks 10 ft away
consider wearing a mask  just dont use ones the medical people need
maybe make your own

the organicgreen doctor

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