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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, October 5, 2020

covid 19-it is what it is


what it is is a highly contagious potentially deadly virus that doesnt care who you are it will attack you if it gets a chance

granted if you are high risk you are more likely to get the deadly virus and have a worse outcome
if you are morbidly obese and over 70 and have high cholesterol and have early cardiovascular disease diagnosed on scans ie the president you are in the high risk category if you get the disease

here is the course of whatever i had in march which i think was covid 19

i had a few days of headaches runny nose and fatigue then on saturday when i felt good in the morning i developed shortness of breath dizziness feverish and bodyaches like the flu while gardening
the shortness of breath seem to get worse by the time i got home
i was short of breath walking up my stairs to our condo
i then not long after arriving home developed severe nausea with abdominal cramps and diarrhea with fever and chills
as the day when on my symptoms got worse so by nighttime i ended up in the emergency room
i knew that if you have covid 19 it can sputter around then suddenly take off
some folks crash when that happens

in the emergency room i was masked and had my pulse oximeter done which showed 96-100%
my heart rate was increased some as was my blood pressure
i felt short of breath when i talked
they left me on the monitors for 3 hours while they did a diagnostic workup to decide how well i was doing
the covid 19 patients can look ok but actually not be
some of the labs done showed my kidney and liver and cardiac labs to be ok
my respiratory panel for various viral upper respiratory infection was done
a covid 19 swab was done
several markers of the inflammatory process that can occur with an overwhelming infection like covid 19 was done
a chest xray was done

my respiratory panel was negative and my covid 19 would take a week to come back as negative
note there especially early on where a lot of false negative tests and there still are a lot of them
my markers of the inflammatory process were all normal
my chest xray was normal

after 3 hours of monitoring i was able to go home with a warning if anything got worse i needed to return to the emergency room
basically that told them i was at the beginning of the infection and wasnt developing an overwhelming infection that day

had my inflammatory markers been abnormal they might have kept me
had my chest ray been abnormal they might have done a ct scan of the lungs looking for that tell tale sign of covid 19 the ground glass appearance of the lung
had my pulse oximeter dropped in the low 90s or upper 80s they probably would have kept me and put me on oxygen 
remember i was high risk ie im 70 i have high blood pressure i have high cholesterol

my worst days were my 2nd through my 5th day
i had fever and chills for 10 days 
i kept myself isolated from everyone even my wife she for 14 days
thats the standard

my question is regards the president is
were his labs normal
were his inflammatory labs normal
what were his pulse oximeter readings these last 4-5 days 
please dont pay word games with us just tell us the numbers
what was the reading on the chest ray 
what was the reading on the ct scan
dont play word games with us

obviously unlike my test results his results are more abnormal than mine were

they need to be honest with us on what his status is
its like we are the family the american family and we need to know how he is really doing
tell us the truth and like a family member we can deal with it

and remember sometimes you have to protect a patient from themselves
and remember sometimes the 7th-10th days can be the worse days

he very likely could be the source of the superspreading event at judge barretts announcement in the rose garden 9 days ago and the other events he was at last week
the reason judge barrett might not have caught it was because she had it this summer
if you look at the picture in the rose garden and you circle those who have tested positive
two are now in the hospital with both the president and christie at high risk to get worse
one photo i saw had all the folks circled who got it
they are all on the first two rows
none have masks on 
none social distanced
many can be seen shaking hands hugging kissing others
if it wasnt the president one of them was spreading the virus around
the vice president the next in line was sitting there also unmasked

this folks is what is known as a super spreader event that will potential reach several hundred folks and could have dire consequences for our country 

folks this is a serious virus and this is a demonstration of how it doesnt care who you are it can get you if you arent real careful

there is a lot of lessons to be learned here
weddings funeral family reunions friend get togethers sporting events rallies etc etc etc can become super spreader events

now to his drugs he was given 

the president received dexamethasone a steroid at probably high doses

usually in covid treatment that isnt used until someone gets worse because it can inhibit the bodies response to slow down the infection
its usually given when the virus has turned on that overwhelming inflammatory response that makes the covid patient gravely ill
so you dont want to give it too early 

he was given the experimental antibody drug that none of us would be able to get
this drug is a synthetic antibody against the covid 19 that was made by modeling an antibody from a recovered covid patient
the drug company makes it in the lab by the thousands
many of yall make take drugs made this way for arthritis or ulcerative colits or cancer treatment
mr hudson took one before his transplant
my drug aducanumab is made this way
so its probably a safe drug

he was given a antiviral drug intravenously thats probably pretty safe but has to be given over 5 days

so using these drugs either he was getting vip treatment or he is sicker than they are telling us

the dexamethasone at high doses can cause problems like mania and euphoria
the covid can cause problems with the brain and with the nervous system
it can affect the heart kidneys liver well almost any organ in the body can be affected

i know with me it took several weeks for me to get my strength back and several weeks for me to not be short of breath with exertion
my stamina is just now back to where it was 6 months ago

the president isnt probably going to just spring back to normal if he recovers

they do need to protect those who are in line if he becomes incapacitated
they should be isolating all those folks in line
this virus could potential get them all 

there is a lesson to be learned here
dont be so caviler and irresponsible in protecting yourself from this virus

it is really simple to do

wear a mask 
keep your distance from others
wash your hands
avoid large gatherings

this could all have been avoided

the organicgreen doctor

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