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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, October 12, 2020

covid 19-risk levels for these activities


since the covid 19 outbreak has hit i have limited what i do in my day to day life
i try to do those things that are low risk for transmission of the virus

this morning i read about research that shows that the covid 19 may remain on surfaces for a much longer time than expected like 20+ days

this article linked here lists from 1-10 the risk levels for certain activity where you are most likely to catch covid 19
with 10 being the highest risk and 1 being the lowest risk

this is presuming that folks are wearing mask social distancing washing hands
eg at the rose garden ceremony they were doing none of that

my guess the risk level for that event was probably at 9 or 10
staying at home in my condo risk level probably 0
taking care of a sick person 10

gardening at my garden 2
going to the grocery store risk level 3
going to the pharmacy 5
going to the gas station 2
going to my garden guess its like a 1 or 2
going into a retail store 5

my wife she and i keep our risk levels low 
if we do a riskier level activity we limit how often and how long we are there
we also use the internet some to limit exposure
we wear a kn95 mask if we go to a higher risk activity 
i wear my cloth mask to and from the car and when im in the garden 
i keep my distance from others
i wash my hands as i leave and as soon as i arrive home
we keep the surfaces wiped down in our condo

here are things that i know that some of you do or have done
it seems bars are at the top of the list for risk at a 9

going to a wedding 7
that would also include things like funerals family reunions white house rose garden events
going on a walk 3
going hiking  4
going to a hair salon 7 
going to a gym 8
gong to a nail salon 7
gong to a ball game 9
playing a team sport 7
getting a haircut 7
going to a hotel 4
eating at a restaurant 7
getting take out 7
hugging someone 7
going on an airplane 7
going to a doctors office 4
walking downtown 4
going to an art museum 4
going to a library 4
going to a baby shower 5
going to a retail store 5
going to school 6+
going to a playground 4
going to a farmers market 4
going to a cookout at someones house 5
going to dinner at someones house 6+
working in an office 6
going swimming 6
going on a trip with friends 6
going to a theme park 8
eating a buffet 8
going to church 9
going to a bar 9
attending a sporting event 9
taking care of someone who is sick 10

several well known medical experts have said if they had to chose between wearing a mask and getting the new vaccine right now they would chose wearing a mask
they if they had the choice would take both of them

now these risk levels go up if you dont wear a mask dont social distance dont wash your hands

how well we as a society handle this pandemic over the next year is not determined by whether some new drug gets developed or whether a vaccine gets developed
its determined by whether we all

wear a mask

we as a society will determine how many of our fellow americans die in the next few months

be safe
wear a mask
social distance
wash your hands

the organicgreen doctor

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