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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

these guys scare me



i think i could have a nightmare about these guys
i am sure i could incorporate them into some disturbing aricept dream

these guys scare me
this is from someone who use to capture rattlesnakes for extra credit in college
i would hunt them at night 

the most painful bite or sting i have ever had was from a hornet
in fact i think the knot where it zapped me is still on my arm even though its been years
i can only imagine how bad the sting bite from this one would feel like
they dont call it the murder hornet for no reason right

my high school mascot was the hornet
im sure if this guy had been around back then that we would have chosen it to be on our jackets

i googled to find out what bad stuff this hornet could do to us humans

heck they bite off the heads of bees and suck their juices out of them
how bad ass can a hornet be right

the sting from one of these varmints is described as like being poked with a hot metal pin
the stinger can pierce through the standard bee suit
50 people die each year from their stings in japan

they can devastate a beehive in just a few minutes
they are a big threat to our honeybee industry if they get out into our environment

many of us saw those folks on the news in their spacesuits using that big ole vacuum cleaner to suck the hornets out of that tree that had been wrapped tightly with what looked like saran wrap
im sorry to say but my guess is there are more of these guys out there

here is a good article on these gals from scientific american titled 
just how dangerous are these murder hornets

btw they are called murder hornets because of the way they go in and slaughter a beehive
dont worry
its not because they kill humans

i watched with interest as they captured one of those guys well i guess i should say gals and used dental floss to tie a radio transmitter to her then tracked her back to that tree

it reminded me of my childhood
we use to get my moms sewing thread and tie it to either a giant horsefly or to a bumblebee and walk around with them as they tried to fly off

please dont let your kids know about these things
they have enough to worry about with what all is going on in the world

first there was covid 19 now its those murder hornets
2020 cant go away soon enough

the organicgreen doctor

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