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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Friday, May 7, 2021

alzheimers news-does getting a ct scan help


each morning when i log onto my email account i have a feed of alzheimers articles that i read
i also have numerous other alzheimers feeds like the alzheimers association alzheimers texas alzheimers greater la being patient alzheimers weekly etc

so there is not much i miss in the alzheimers world
in fact
this is how i first found out about the biogen aducanumab study a few years before i entered the study
i kept a close eye on the aducanumab research and when it became available for me to participate i jumped at the chance

had i not been proactive i probably wouldnt have gotten in the aducanumab study 

i read about animal studies on alzheimers 
all research starts there
from there if it looks promising it may move to humans

this week a study published in the journal of alzheimers disease linked here caught my eye
as well as
this article discussing the research study 

the study only had four people in it
they all had advanced alzheimers disease
they all had ct scans of the brain

ct scans produce a low level of radiation to the brain
there is a small amount of  changes that occur in the brain from the radiation 
we dont notice it as the body fairly quickly repairs any damage done and we move on 

if you have ever had a loved one in the final stage of alzheimers disease any improvement even for few days or even a day is appreciated

many of us all have seen our loved ones be better one day for some reason then the next they are back to where they were

what they noticed in these 3 patients there were some improvements in their status for a period of time after they had ct scans of their brains

scientist thinks the low dose radiation from the scan alters things in the brain on a biochemical level
maybe improving oxidative stress on the cells 
that leads to this improvement in their overall status for a period of time
then the body repairs any changes

the way i think of it is things are real bad up there in the brain and if you stir up the stew in the brain lt makes things better for awhile
it all settles back down again
if you have sand in a tub of water and you stir it all up and you have this sandy water for awhile before the sand settles back down to where it is 

doing a ct scan or low dose radiation earlier in alzheimers may not make any changes be noticed since the stew in the brain isnt so bad yet

will this lead to some treatment one day 
maybe not

would i do it to see

i have had one ct scan of the brain when i had a concussion 20 years ago
i had post concussive symptoms for a month
since my brain was probably not damaged yet by the alzheimers i would not have gotten any benefits from that ct scan if this study above is accurate

i  have had about 10 mris of the brain over the last 10 years in research studies including one about 2 weeks ago
there has been no change in my mri over the last 10 years
mri scans use magnetic waves to do the scans not radiation
no benefit there i guess 

i truly believe that i am doing as well as i am now because i have been proactive in my care and have kept up with what might help to slow this down
some things i did didnt pan out 
some might pan out
biogens aducanumab

time will tell
maybe ill also get a ct scan every once and a while when things progress

the organicgreen doctor

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