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Monday, May 3, 2021

covid 19-a disservice to humanity


thats the exact words that popped into my mind when i heard what he said
he is providing
a disservice to humanity 
who is he

its joe rogan the libertarian popular podcaster who said
young folks shouldnt get vaccinated since they are healthy and dont get as sick from covid 19

now i like having libertarian people around
they keep us all honest
even though i dont usually agree with what they say

in this case i most definitely dont agree with what he said
it was
a disservice to humanity 

since making these statements he has retracted some of what he said 
there was such an uproar from folks who know better

why is he wrong
here is why 

30% of us are now totally vaccinated
thats about 100,000,000+ folks
we are mostly free to do what we want to do now and not worry about getting sick from covid 19
like dying or getting permanently disabled eg

that leaves 70% of yall now not vaccinated
yall are the ones that will now get covid 19
yall will be the ones that will now die or get permanently disabled from covid 19
thats around if you do the math around 230,000,000+ folks

most folks over 60 are vaccinated
most folks getting sick are younger than 60

if you read what doctors who are caring for the sick folks say
they are seeing younger and younger folks in the hospital and in icus with covid 19

the covid 19 virus doesnt care how old you are they just want to infect folks
the new variants seem to be highly contagious and spread much easier
especially in younger folks

the younger folks are more mobile and are getting out doing things
spreading the virus amongst each other

if a vulnerable person is in their circle of contacts they are the ones that will get sicker
vulnerable would be anyone unvaccinated who is obese has asthma is older than 65 has diabetes heart disease kidney disease lung disease connective tissue disease immunosuppressed folks cancer survivors cancer patients etc

these are the ones the virus will hit the hardest
these are the ones that those young folks will transmit the virus to 

yesterday around 600 people died in the us from covid 10
none if any of those 600 people who died were vaccinated
most if not all of them were unvaccinated

if you search the potential sources for their infection
most sources would be from younger folks

thats why younger folks should get vaccinated

in our circle of acquaintances there are around 8 unvaccinated folks
6 of them are vulnerable folks
at least one cant ever take the vaccine

if they get the covid 19 they will probably get sicker from it than most
how will they get infected
probably from a younger person

thats why younger folks should get vaccinated

there is a big group of folks under 16 that cant get vaccinated yet
that number is around 70+million folks
when the vaccines get approved for that age group that unvaccinated number will be decreased substantively 

what will be left in august or this fall will those who just wont get vaccinated or those who cant get vaccinated for various health reasons

those folks probably around 80,000.000+ folks will then become the reservoir from which the covid 19 will access to infect

many of them will die become permanently disabled or become quite ill 
that number will gradually drop each year
sadly that vaccine hesitancy group will probably be the reason we dont get this pandemic under control in the us

a real disservice to humanity 

then also
thats not even considering whats happening in the rest of the world
if we dont help them control their pandemics then whats there will continuously infect those left in the us that are unvaccinated

do your job
get vaccinated
wear your mask until this is all over with 
if you are unvaccinated protect yourself and others by doing all those things you should be doing

i was glad to see that joe rogan retracted some of what he said

our younger population does need to get vaccinated

the organicgreen doctor


  1. Ignorance and arrogance will continue to destroy extended families and their neighbors who still believe COVID-19 is a hoax and their belief they will be spared.
    That’s a chance that ranks with betting on winning back-to-back Powerball lottos.
    Thank you OrganicGreenDoctor for sharing your training and thoughts.