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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, May 24, 2021

covid 19-are we getting closer or are we


is there a 100% way you can make sure you cant give covid 19 to some unvaccinated person if you have been vaccinated
the answer is no
you can come close real close though

if you have been vaccinated you are highly unlikely to get ill if you are exposed to covid 19
it seems from the reports ive seen that folks that do get sick with covid 19 after being vaccinated usually are immunocompromised to begin with 
the covid vaccine may not work as well in them

if you have had the shot you probably wont get sick but you can transmit the virus if you carry it
a real small chance but its there

if you are vaccinated and you are going to be around a high risk patient that is unvaccinated then you should wear a mask when you are around them

that is 
if you want to get close to 100% that you wont give them the virus

as the cases continue to plummet here in the us there will be a time when even that mask wearing to protect others can be dropped safely 
when that happens 
im not sure
we arent there yet

such a simple easy thing to wear a mask

its interesting to listen to infectious disease doctors and emergency room doctors and pulmonologists who are seeing the hospitalized covid 19 patients
well what do they do 

they do like i do they wear their masks whenever they go outside

in our county of 400,000 folks we have had no deaths in the last few weeks
in california they had 46 on saturday
in texas they had 40
in arkansas they had 3
in florida they had 78
in mississippi they had 4
in the us we had 478 total deaths on saturday

remember most if not all of these deaths were unvaccinated

the fully vaccination rates 
california 41.3
texas 34.1
arkanasas 30.2
florida 37.4
mississippi 26.5

that folks is not good enough
we need about 70-80% vaccination rate to keep slowing this down 
we may end up with pockets of infections in those states like mississippi with its low vaccination rate and with a large population of real vulnerable folks

here in this county we have already vaccinated 15% of 12-15 year olds
most of the cases that we are seeing is in folks under 40 years old
as we get them vaccinated and start on the 5-12 year old thats when this pandemic will start to be closed down
if the adults will continue to be vaccinated

in about 3 weeks the state of california will be opened up completely
we have a high vaccination rate and a low case rate
hopefully that will continue

i choose to wear a mask when i go outside
not to protect myself
to protect those vulnerable individuals i might encounter and those unvaccinated folks i encounter
that is
im doing it to protect others
as close to 100% as i can

i realize i am very unlikely to get sick with covid if i dont wear a mask
i am close to 100% when i wear a mask

i do realize that soon i wont even have to do that
but like the expert doctors i realize we arent there yet

ive done my part and am doing my part to help end this pandemic

the organicgreen doctor

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