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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, May 17, 2021

covid 19-masks rules


i dont like the new cdc rules for masks wearing
its not a 100% protection from getting a covid 19 infection

just ask the new york yankees and bill maher the comedian
they got positive covid 19 testing despite being fully vaccinated

when you listen to the experts talking about masking and covid 19 infections
they will not say you will not get infected or infect others if you follow their guidelines

if you are vaccinated and get a covid infection you probably will not get sick
the word probably 
it doesnt say 100%

if you are vaccinated and get a covid 19 infection that causes you to be asymptomatic it will probably not be transmitted to someone else
the word probably again
its not 100%

the risk is there granted its a tiny small one

if you are in the immunosuppressed world or high risk world 
you want as close as you can to get to 100%

in our world thats mr hudson who is immunosuppressed from his anti rejection medication
he doesnt qualify for covid 19 vaccination yet

anyone without a vaccination can give covid 19 to him
potentially anyone who is vaccinated can give it to him 
remember they wont say 100% protection from transmitting the virus even if you have a vaccination 

thats why i have the togd rule
i walk out the door i wear my mask
i walk inside our condo i take my mask off

mr hudson is as close to 100% protected as he can be from me giving him covid 19

in your world that would be any unvaccinated person
especially a high risk person like someone on chemotherapy someone older someone with high risk conditions like obesity asthma heart disease cancer kidney disease any condition that suppresses the immune system

dont be the vector that gives them the infection

yesterday in the us around 750 people died with covid 19 
probably none of them were vaccinated
in california around 54 people died from covid 19
probably none of them were vaccinated
in texas around 45 people died from covid 19
probably none of them were vaccinated
in santa barbara county we have not had a death in over 2 weeks

probably all of them who died
caught the virus from
a loved one or contact
probably a younger contact
most likely the vector that gave them the infection was unmasked
its possible but a low chance that someone who was vaccinated gave them the infection

i follow the togd rule
its as close to 100% effective in preventing the spread of covid 19

yesterday i went to traders joes
all the workers were masked
all the shoppers were masked
most if not all the workers probably are vaccinated
there is that probably word again
at least 50%+- of the shoppers were unvaccinated

do i ever take my mask off outside
yes i do
i worked in the garden for 4 hours by myself on saturday
i slipped my mask into my pocket while i worked
when someone entered the garden 
i slipped my mask back on 
i want to be as close to 100% as i can be
i dont want to be that vector person

listen closely to the pediatric infectious disease folks who are treating pediatric patients with this disease
they do have a worried look about them
the new variant especially the new india one is highly contagious more than the british and the others
the infections are hitting the younger populations harder since they are not vaccinated
as they get vaccinated those numbers will drop in that population

12-15 year olds are getting theirs now
5-12 year olds will get theirs this fall 
thank goodness
the 6 month to 5 year olds will be next
thats when mr hudson will be protected

that will be a life changing event for him 

in the mean time
i want to be 100%
i dont mind wearing a mask at all 
i will follow the togd rule
put my mask on as i go out the door of our condo
take it off when i come inside the door of our condo

the organicgreen doctor

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