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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, October 4, 2021

covid 19-i now am fully boosted


it was easy as 1 2 3
i went to the cvs website
clicked on get covid shot
answered the questions
made my appointment for my third booster shot of the pfizer vaccine

i made the first appointment of the day
walked in
checked in electronically from my cell
sat down in the chair
the shot person i presume was a pharmacist
called my name
she jabbed me
gave me my covid vax card back to me with my third vax on the card
i waited about 10 minutes
then left and worked in my garden

i pretreated myself with acetaminophen every 8 hours for 24 hours
day one no symptoms
day two no symptoms at first but later in the day i got fatigued had a mild headache and felt aching
day three no symptoms

i had less symptoms with the third booster shot than with the second one

what does this mean for me

i am very unlikely to catch covid 19
my chances are close to zero

i am highly unlikely to carry the covid virus to anyone else

we will know next spring probably how well this third booster is working in folks

my immunity should last for the next year
i plan on doing my annual or semiannual booster for covid when it becomes available 
much as i do for the flu shot

i chose to not do the flu shot yet but will wait after two weeks 
i didnt want any overlap of symptoms
its recommended that its ok to get the covid and the flu together
i chose not to get mine together

i also since i am getting the aduhelm (aducanumab) infusions each month i only have a 10 day window each month when i can get any vaccine
next window flu shot
future window my shingles shot since mr hudson has reduced immunity to varicella or chickenpox
if i got the shingles he could potential catch varicella or chickenpox from me

those who are choosing to not get vaxxed are being left behind
since the vaxxines become available this year over 200,000 unvaxxed folks have died
thousands more have been permanently disabled
the number should be zero

if you are unvaxxed or if you are vaxxed but immunosuppressed you are susceptible to catching the virus and dying
hopefully the third vaxxine booster will protect those immunosuppressed folks

if you get sick with covid
please use conventional medical treatments since they might save you
seek out early iv monoclonal antibody infusions
early use of steroids
you might get saved
many believe thats why trump survived his infection

dont go and treat yourself for intestinal parasites

then soon maybe before the end of the year you might be able to also take mercks new oral antiviral pill that will be available soon
it cuts deaths by half
these three things
early monoclonal antibodies
early steroid use
early mercks antiviral pill 
might keep your from dying
you could just get your three covid shots and probably be close to 100% protected

i know which i would chose

for those who got the j and j shot or the moderna shot
soon maybe in a couple of weeks the approval for the booster shot will be done
some experts think that mixing the vaccines will be approved also
if you got moderna you can boost with pfizer or moderna
if you got j and j you can get either pfizer or moderna

once most of us vaxxed folks get our third booster then these breakthrough cases will disappear

i expect that by mid march the pandemic will all slow down if we are vigilant in getting vaxxed
and being real safe

this weekend was the acl festival thats the ausin city limits music festival where thousands of folks descend on austin 
the acl requires folks be vaxxed or have a negative covid test
it would have been better if they would have required just all be vaxxed and required masks

the rates have gone down in austin but lets see in 2 weeks if there is an uptick in cases there
i predict there will be

in alaska most of the hospitals are under the critical standards of care or what i call the death panels
it allows medical folks to make a chose of who gets treated or who doesnt get treated if medical services get limited
or it could be call how do we kill the old folks

it didnt have to be this way

in california covid vaxxines will be required to attend school
many vaxxines thats gotten full fda approval are required now 
soon that will include the covid vaxxine
that also includes all staff

as it should be

i feel much more comfortable now knowing im triple vaxxed for covid
i plan on though
wearing my masks
avoiding large gatherings

i can see in the near future when we my wife she and i can return to our prepandemic days

the organicgreen doctor


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