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Thursday, October 14, 2021

garden news-pumpkin patch


our community garden pumpkin sale almost didnt happen this weekend
first the pandemic looked like it would damper the pumpkin sale
the pandemic has slowed significantly here 
in our zip code the covid immunization rate is over 70%

so covid wont be stopping the pumpkin sale this weekend
all the volunteers will be masked
distancing will be done

i will help set up the event but have elected to not be part of the sale volunteers
even though i am triple vaxxed and am at a low risk for getting the covid virus infection

also the air quality is so bad here i will be wearing an kn95 mask to filter out some of the junk in the air from the fires that are about 25 miles a way

the other reason this sale almost didnt happen was due to one word

the gophers had an early pumpkin party this year

we at one point were having a caddy shack moment thinking of ways to get rid of them
they were sinister thoughts

we were able to trap several
that seemed to slow down the demise of the pumpkin plants

its sad to work so hard to plant these pumpkins then see the whole pumpkin plant partially disappear down a gopher hole

we didnt win all of the battles but i think we mostly won the war

we now have enough pumpkins to sell but nothing like what we have had in the past
lets just say the gophers that were caught were quite healthy looking with an orange tint to their fur

all the funds raised will be used in the community garden where the produce is donated to needy organizations

i was feeling all bummed about how our pumpkin patch was being devastated by the gophers when i read this article linked here from texas gardeners seeds
note link may not be available until 10-20-2021
it discusses the trials and tribulations of the texas pumpkin producers

they had to endure
excessive rains that led to fungal problems
hailstorms destroyed some pumpkin producers crops
real muddy fields
out of control weeds
armyworms devastating whole fields of pumpkins
prices for fertilizer sky rocketed
prices for wood pallets were higher
the big problem was getting folks to care for the pumpkin fields and harvest and loading them
workers with immigration permits werent allowed in the country

the pumpkins are here across the country now
they may cost a little more this year

the crop is about average
most farmers say they will just break even

im glad we do our pumpkin patch not for profit but for giving back to folks

ill not complain about gophers anymore after reading about the texas pumpkin growers trials and tribulations this year

i must say watching a kid pick out a pumpkin with a smile on their faces and proudly carrying it home makes it all worth it

the organicgreen doctor

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