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Monday, October 18, 2021

covid 19-will there be a twindemic this year


is the answer

a twindemic is when two viruses cause large amounts of infections at the same time

last year the flu was almost nonexistent
this year the flu will probably be back with a vengeance

last year folks hunkered down
avoided being around each other
wore masks everywhere
washed their hands a lot
didnt travel much

this year
folks are traveling a lot
i see less mask wearing around here
folks are doing more entertaining at home
they are going to concerts and games and other venues
all that stuff spreads the flu virus
of course the covid virus

last year there were only 2,000 lab confirmed cases of flu in the us
this year that number may be around 200,000 lab confirmed cases
this year one prediction is there will be over 600,000 hospitalizations due to flu
many of those will die from the flu

usually we get what was in the southern hemisphere
this year their fllu cases were light there this summer
the prediction is our cases will be higher than theirs

rsv a virus known for infecting kids is on the up rise this year already in the us
the rsv is transferred just like the flu and covid

also kids are the big vectors for spreading flu around in the community 
just like with rsv and covid

yes adults can get sick with rsv

older folks and immunosuppressed folks are susceptible to get gravely ill with all three of these viruses

that would be a tridemic right

luckily we will be able to immunize everyone for covid who wants it over 6  months old by the time the winter is over
there is no rsv vaxxine but one is in the works
there is a flu vaccine but its not as good as the covid vaxxine
it may only be 50% effective
there is a covid vaxxine that is probably around 90% effective

who is susceptible the most to this twindemic this year
us old folks
folks who are immunosuppressed 
pregnant women
folks with certain health conditions like kidney disease heart disease lung disease diabetes obesity to name a few

even though colin powell was vaxxed he still got covid and died
probably because he was over 80 and  had multiple myeloma and his immune system was severely suppressed
remember him when you expose those loved ones at risk even though they are vaxxed

we will have a twindemic this year
how bad will it be
its according to how many of us get our flu vaxxines and our covid vaxxines
how careful we are around each other
ie wear masks avoid larger gatherings avoid larger groups inside reduce travel etc

i was looking at the covid map of the us showing dark maroon as the worst areas for covid right now

most of the northern states are that dark maroon color meaning heavier infections
the southern states and far western states are a lighter brown
the colder climate
folks start staying inside more when it gets cold
spreading the flu and rsv and covid all round to each other

it can be a bad twindemic
it can be a mild twindemic

its up to all of us

yes you can get your flu and your covid shot together

the organicgreendoctor

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