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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, October 11, 2021

covid 19-maybe and maybe not


thats the answer to the question i get asked a lot
is the covid thing going to get better anytime soon

maybe and maybe not
it depends

thats my final answer right now

the case rate per 100,000  and at least 1 shot of vax
in santa barbara county its 10.6 and 70+%
in california 15 and  73%
in texas 26  and  60 %
in arkansas 23 and  56%
in florida 16 and  68%

california has more mandates like masking and vax mandates

the worst areas are tending to now be in the northern states
maybe from the colder weather thats heading that way

this week the fda will vote on boosters for moderna and jand j
also they will vote on mixing vaccines for the third booster

in early november the fda will vote on approval for the shots to be given to kids 5-11
soon after that they will vote on approval for kids under 5
so probably if approved kids 5-11 will start getting them before thanksgiving
the younger kids before new years or soon after that

so by the first of the year most of the us population will be eligible
probably about 25% will chose not to get theirs

they will be the ones that will be getting covid and they will be the ones that we will be seeing in our daily stats of how many cases per day and how many died that day 

were are losing around 1700 folks a day now to covid
almost all are unvaxxed

it doesnt have to be this way
it is

we feel much safer now that we are triple vaxxed
our chances of getting covid is probably close to zero
we still wear our masks and play it safe until all the kiddos can get vaxxed 
that should be some time early next year
our sigh of relief will be when 3 year old kidney transplant mr hudson is double vaxxed
no when he is triple vaxxed

i do look forward to returning things back to normal

its sad to see folks die from covid and see the sadness of their families
to see the fatigue on the medical workers who have been taking care of all the sick covid patients
many of those workers will be scarred emotionally forever
many of those covid survivors will be scarred physically forever

a hospital nurse told me the other day that some of the covid patients are so fragile after discharge from the hospital that they have to be admitted over and over again

of the major industrialized countries we are near the bottom of how well we are handling the covid pandemic

it didnt have to be like this

maybe we will be back to more normal in a few months
maybe we will not be able to 
i feel inside like we are going to be able to return to the old normal soon

i sure hope so

the organicgreen doctor

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