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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, October 25, 2021

covid 19-what to do if you catch covid


thats the artists rendition of the covid virus going down the funnel to hopefully be flushed away somewhere
this was drawn as sidewalk art in april 2020
but the covid virus is still here and will be here for awhile maybe a long time

what to do if you catch covid
the symptoms are similar to a cold the flu rsv parainfluenza and other upper respiratory viruses
it takes a covid test to tell if its covid

a covid over the counter test is a good screening test
if its positive you probably have it
if its negative you still may have it
the gold standard is a pcr covid test done at a doctors office or covid testing site

if its positive and you are triple vaxxed like me and you have no other comorbidiities eg in my case it would be my age over 65
you probably will be ok and not have to be hospitalized or be put in icu or be placed on a ventilator or die from covid

if you are not vaxxed you are in the group thats ending up in the hospital in icu on the ventilator or dying

almost all of the close to 1500+- that are dying each day are in that category

even folks who are vaxxed but are immunosuppressed due to age and other comorbidities like obesity cancer patient asthma diabetes etc
they also are in the group showing up in the hospital icu ventilator dying group just as much much much lower numbers than the unvaxxed

so what do you do if you are unvaxxed and or in a high risk group if you get covid

remember most folks recover from covid without any issues
some dont though or should i say a lot of folks dont

if you are one who decided to take ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to stop the covid
be assured that you wont get malaria or intestinal parasites
sorry but you are not protected from catching covid

seek medical care
covid can move fast
you based on your status may qualify to get intravenous monoclonal antibodies
these are the same antibodies that your body would be making if you had gotten the covid shot

based on your status you might benefit from high dose steroids
i talked to an oncology nurse who noticed that their chemo patients werent getting as sick from covid as they expected
they think its because they are on high dose steroids
so get steroids early on if you qualify for them

as the year progresses there may be an oral antiviral pill called molnupiravir to take they may have a 50% chance of keeping you from dying from covid

you may if hospitalized be able to get a different antiviral intravenously that may also help

remember dont wait too late to seek care 
if you reach that point of no return nothing will help

get diagnosed early 
seek out monoclonal antibody infusions
seek our high dose steroids

those well known public folks who got covid
why did the survive 
they got these three things

you could get a covid vaxxine series and not have to worry about any of this

its looking like the 5-12 years could start getting their covid shots in about 2 weeks
based on what happens with the fda and cdc recommendations
we are so looking forward to seeing ms b get hers
this will better protect mr hudson until he gets his 

its predicted his age range 3 years olds may be able to get theirs by the end of the year or the first part of 2022

mr hudson will have to get his two covid shots then a booster shot
they will be monitoring his antibody response to his shots so they will know if he is immunized against covid
luckily pediatric kidney transplant patients seem to be responding to the covid vaxxine
fingers crossed

our numbers continue to fall here
our vax rate for eligible over 12 is 70%
our zip code is pushing closer to 80%
so its much safer here than some places elsewhere

keep check on you local covid case rates

vaxxing the under 12 year old will protect a large population that is helping spread the virus
this group usually recovers from covid ok
its those vulnerable folks in our communities that they can spread it to
someone eg gave the virus to colin powell

if the thanksgiving and christmas and new years holidays dont stir up the covid infections too much
we could be in a good place come march of 2022

if we let up too much on the safety things like masking hand washing etc things may not be where we want them next march

be safe
if you are unvaxxed and get covid seek help early on 
or if you are in a high risk category 
or if you feel like you are getting worse even if you are at low risk

we may be about to get through all this 

sadly also the fact that all those unvaxxed folks are catching covid is also helping to increase our numbers immune to covid

sadly it seems a high price to pay at 1500 a day dying when a covid shot would prevent this from helping in most cases

just remember as long as folks are available to get infected it will remain in our lives

the organicgreen doctor

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