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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, September 28, 2020

covid 19-tier system that makes sense


science is usually right about things
its becoming obviously clear now after several months that these things below make a difference in the spread of the virus

wearing a mask
keeping your distance from others
washing your hands a lot

for those of you who dont do these things
well you may have a lost generation in your family

its simple to do all three of these things
simple things that will save thousands of lives in the next few months

i cringed this last week when i saw that florida was just opening everything up
let the chips fall where they may the governor seemed to say
those chips that you will hear fall will be your grandparents parents aunts uncles and those other folks over 65
they represent around 70% of the deaths from covid 19

then you hear about herd immunity
letting everyone just do what they want to 
no masks no restrictions on what people do
the result
instead of thousands of deaths we will have millions of deaths
our grandparents and aunts and uncles an parents and others over 65
we could potentially lose a generation of older folks
provide love and comfort to your kids
babysit your kids
provide the bridge to the ancestors that came before them
many of you know what its like to lose a parent or grandparent too early
if we allow this wild type or natural herd immunity to occur
thousands of those grandparents will be gone 

remember only about 10% of americans have gotten covid 19 so far
herd immunity wont ever happen with this virus if its done naturally
it will take a larger population of folks probably over 50% but higher would be better to get the vaccine to reach that point where herd immunity will kick in
the virus would still be around maybe forever like the flu
we might have to get a covid 19 vaccine every year

this is a highly infectious contagious virus more than the flu is that will mainly kill a lot of us old folks
your grandparents your aunts your uncles etc

think about this when you hear folks talk about herd immunity without vaccines
think about this when you hear states like florida open everything up 
you gonna see a lot of greyheaded relatives die there

remember its the young folks and kids that are the vectors for this virus infecting us old folks

in california they have a four tier system for opening things up
purple red orange yellow
we are in the purple tier but barely in it
starting tomorrow we will probably move to tier red
most businesses can open and schools can open
yes salons and nails salons can open as can churches museums zoos movie theates
some businesses like restaurants have to be on limited capacity for indoor dining
i dont think bars are on the list

this is all based on science and how well a county or region is doing with the virus
the cutoff for going to the red tier is <7% case rate and <5% test positivity rate
we are below both of these

south dakota has a test positivity rate of 30%
north dakota has a test positivity rate of 26%
can you say maybe big bike rally didnt help any

so starting tomorrow all k-12 schools will be able to open if they want to
most public schools will be be open here but will remain virtual

the lowest tier is yellow and thats where everything is mostly open
the cases will have to be at a minimal number

this system is based on science and data

now im sorry to say about all this is that this fall things are going to get worse a lot worse
theres labor day weekend causing an uptick
theres all those schools having outbreaks
theres all these things opening up now
theres cold weather coming and folks have to move inside
theres the flu coming
theres the time in the fall when these viruses naturally just take off in numbers
all these things are happening at the same time

there may be tsunami of covid 19 infections before the years end

be safe
wear a mask
keep a safe distance
wash your hands

the organicgreen doctor

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