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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

covid 19-will i take the vaccine maybe not


since i heard there was probably going to be a covid 19 vaccine i always told folks im going to be the first in line to get the new vaccine
i may have changed my mind
if they rush it through without getting it properly scientific tested

you may ask

gullian barre 
black box warnings

thalidomide was a drug that was used to treat morning sickness in pregnancy 
it turned out that it could cause limb deformities in newborns and death in newborns
these babies were called thalidomide babies
it was after thousands had used this drug that these terrible side effects were discovered
this led to stricter regulations on drug research before a drug could be released

gullian barre is a disease where the immune system attacks the nerve endings
i have help taken care of one patient with this in my medical career
he had been in the hospital almost a year much of that time spent on a ventilator in icu
i had several patients who had the disease and recovered but were left with residual neurological damage
in 1976 president ford rushed the swine flu to the market before it was thoroughly evaluated 
the reason was he was afraid he would lose the election and wanted the vaccine given early
he even took one himself
sounds familiar 
1 in 100,000 folks got gullian barre which was a higher incidence of the disease that usually occurs
rushing the vaccine left folks some dead and others permanently damaged

black box warnings
sometimes after a drug has been out its discovered that a drug has a higher incidence of side effects that wasnt known when the drug was first approved
i take a drug called reglan on a as needed basis for my stomach issues for several years
recently they issued a black box warning for reglan as it can cause a neurological condition called tardive dyskinesia that can become permanent
it happens in less than 1% of those who take it
a small risk but if you get it it becomes permanent
click on tardive dyskinesia to read about it

so what i am saying here is you need to have a drug or vaccine thoroughly tested before its allowed to be placed on the market and given to thousands of people
in the case of the covid 19 vaccine millions and millions of people

if there is a hidden side effect like gullian barre it will manifest itself when its given to millions
it may not necessarily show up when only fewer than 30,000 are tested
if it goes to market too early even less than that will be tested
one of the problems with the russian vaccine is it hasnt been tested on very many folks to be certain its safe to use

eventually though the american vaccine may be proved to be safe
i do worry though that if rushed too soon they may not know

here is what i plan to do 

if its early approved i will look at the scientific data from the preapproval studies to make sure it has been adequately studied

if like with president ford this is being done for political reasons then i will wait until the proper studies have been done

ill listen to what the scientists who i respect their opinion like dr fauci says
if they say it has been adequately studied before released
i will move to the front of the get your vaccine line

if they say its not been adequately studied
ill wait until thousands have been given to make sure it safe
i will have my covid 19 vaccine when its truly deemed safe

we may reach 400,00 deaths from covid 19 by the end of the year which will make it the third leading cause of death in the us behind heart disease and cancer
no its not a hoax

we may be about to have that second wave this fall 
labor day activities
the opening of schools and colleges
the cold weather keeping folks inside

be safe
wear a mask
keep a safe distance from others
wash your hands
get the vaccine when its deemed safe by the scientists not the politicians

the vaccine may be what saves thousands of lives and slows down this pandemic along with those be safe things above

the organicgreen doctor

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