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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, September 3, 2020

garden news-how i grew this ugliest prettiest heirloom tomato


this week i removed one of my heirloom tomatoes that had quit producing
this left me one heirloom tomato plant which still had a few tomatoes on it
so i trimmed off one side of the plant
this picture below is of the tomato plant after i trimmed it

this is how i prepped the soil before i planted this heirloom tomato which is a cherokee purple
i made a row where i raised the soil level up by several inches using compost and soil from the nearby garden bed
i added a good organic fertilizer and my homemade worm compost and worked it into the soil
i buried a 3 gallon black container on either side of the tomato plant
then placed it 1/3 full with compost 
once a week i filled the buried pot with water twice
this was the only water it received each week
it last rained here i think in february or maybe march
also every 15 days i poured a mixture of fish emulsion plus molasses plus seaweed into the pot 

in the walkway between my rows i dug a 1 foot deep trench thats 1 foot wide and filled it with mulch
this mulch has been there now almost 9 months so its partially composted down
in this walkway i have a 5 gallon bucket with holes drilled in the bottom and the sides and have kept it filled with veggie and fruit scraps and also added worms
this setup makes a rich rich worm compost which oozes out into the surrounding areas
i occasionally fill the worm bucket with water also
no the worms dont drown as the water quickly drains out of the buckets

when i dig around this worm compost bucket you can see where the tomato roots grow around the bucket
also when you lift the watering pot out of the ground you can also see the tomato roots growing around the pot

so the end result is a cherokee purple heirloom tomato plant that is at least 8 ft if not longer in height that has produced and produced these beautiful but sometimes ugly tomatoes that are the best tasting tomatoes ive ever eaten

here is a plate of a recent harvest
then the two photos below is the top and the bottom of the ugliest prettiest tomato that i have ever grown

there you have it the ugliest prettiest heirloom tomato ever i have grown
it was juicy and delicious
my wife she used it to make a tomato pie/pizza that was scrumptious 

thats how i grew my tomatoes this year
and how i do it every year

the organicgreen doctor

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