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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

what happened to those chinese mystery seeds


i recently read about folks who got those chinese mystery seeds in the mail that they didnt order
they seemed to have been sent all over the country

i didnt get any chinese mystery seeds in the mail
if i had i know what i would have done with them

so what did folks do with those chinese mystery seeds they got unsolicited in the mail
well you can only imagine

according to this thorough article on them 

some folks ate them
some folks called 911
some folks just planted them
some folks just threw them away

we are talking about tens of thousands that got these seeds in the mail
i still cant believe folks ate them

one person planted them and said nothing came up and all the plants around that area just died
even the fbi is involved in investigating these chinese mystery seeds

the usda said folks should not plant them
they also should have said dont eat them stupid
they recommended folks notify their local state agricultural authority 
they recommended mailing them to the usda or their local agri authority

they said it may have been a brushing campaign
this link here explains what a brushing campaign or scam is

i would say from reading about these mystery chinese mystery seeds that the scam worked
why would someone eat unknown seeds
what if they were poisonous
thats called natural selection to get rid of the stupid gene

the seeds turned out to be all kinds of seeds
one was the dreaded bindweed the bane of gardeners around here
once its in your soil you cant hardly get rid of it

another was amaranth
i grow that one to use the leaves in salads some grow it for the seeds but its the bane of a lot of farmers as it competes with their crops like soybeans eg

was it a brushing campaign or was it a way to get bad seeds into our environment 

i thought about this for awhile 
what would i have done if they had appeared in the mail
i would have tried to get them identified
i probably would have dumped them in the toilet and flushed them away

i read about this method
had i got the seeds and had i known about this method of disposal 
i know thats what i would have done

you take the seeds and wrap them with duct tape
mail them to the usda

no way would i have planted them
definitely would i have not ever eaten them
i would have used the duct tape to dispose of them
yep for use

did you get any chinese mystery seeds in the mail

if you did what did you do with them
please dont tell me you ate them

the organicgreen doctor

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