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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, December 14, 2020

covid 19-how it spreads


the flu cases in the united states are almost nonexistent much like it was in the southern hemisphere during their winter
its all the things folks are doing to slow down covid 19 like wearing masks keeping a safe distance from others washing hands decreasing travel etc

even though we most of us anyway are doing these the covid 19 is worse than ever
its because the covid 19 is more virulent and contagious than the flu

without those of us that are doing the right thing this covid 19 pandemic would be even worse

bill nye the science guy showed a map of states that tend to wear masks
he then overlay the states where things were bad
the map of states who wear mask wearers tended to have less covid 19 infections

college towns are showing an increased infections in their areas and the long term facilities are having increased deaths from covid 19 in the these towns
so young folks being safe can determine how bad it can be for these folks ie death

biogen the company that is a biotech company is the one that makes my drug aducanumab
in february 2020 had a big biotech conference i think in boston where researchers from all over the world were there
had this conference been in march it would have been canceled

afterwards there were a lot of folks there that ended up with covid 19 infections

one participant developed covid 19 so the biogen company decided to use their resources to do scientific contact sources using genetic dna analysis of the infected persons covid 19 virus
using these genetic dna analysis they can track where the covid 19 infection came from 

they found this one persons infection led to 250,000 covid 19 infections spread out over the world
thats just one person 
that lead to 250,000 cases
so this biogen biotech conference became a superspreader event
you can imagine what all of trumps superspreader events did to expose others
also things like sporting events marches protests larger church services etc added to more infections

states like north dakota and south dakota were superspreader states with no mandates or any attempts to slow this down

you can imagine what the flu outbreak would be like this year if most of us werent being safe
flu on top of this covid 19 devastation would be too much to handle

if we havent reached 300000 deaths yet we will before the day is over with 
at our 3000+ a day death rate we should reach 400,000 deaths by christmas eve
a real sucky christmas for sure
we are just now seeing the beginnings of the effects of our exposure on thanksgiving
many of you didn't learn your lesson will do it all over again making january and february even worse than it is now

is hard to believe it could be worse

there is hope coming today in the form of the vaccines
its a start
a lot of people are going to die in the next 2-3 months from this virus vaccine before it becomes available to all of us
it will help a lot if enough of us get vaccinated
sadly that may not happen

if you believe this is a hoax or if you refuse to wear a mask and do what needs to be done to slow this infection down then please dont get the vaccine shot
save the vaccine for those of us who did our civic duty for the best of the country

when all of us vaccinated folks get vaccinated those who dont get the vaccine cause they dont believe in it well this covid 19 will be looking for folks to infect since millions of us will be immune

at least then there should be icus and ventilators available for those of you who dont believe in getting vaccinated

i think that they are doing the right thing to vaccinate the frontline medical workers first
they deserve it
yes i think the time person of the year should be the frontline medical workers

i also think that the long term care facilities should get the next round since 40% of the deaths from covid 19 are from these facilities

i also think those in line for the presidency should get the vaccine first like trump pence biden harris pelosi grassley pompeo and blinken

we are so close
my wife she and i are within 2 months of getting our vaccines for covid 19
we plan to be real careful until these 2 months are up 

we will 
wear our mask
avoid any gatherings outside our small group
avoid travel 
limit our exposures in our day to day activities
wash our hands
keep a safe distance from others

thats not too much to ask for living 
we can all do this

there is light at the end of the tunnel
the tunnel is a long one im afraid

i look forward to getting together with friends and family 
eating inside and outside  restaurants
going to concerts and movies and outside events
having our alzheimers walks again
having ms b go to a school to be with friends and all that schools offer
all of us doing all the things we were doing this time last year

last year about this time most of our family got together at a relatives 80th birthday in arkansas
we got to see many of our friends and relatives
little did we know how things would change in the next few months

i cant wait 
im sure you cant either
please be safe
we are so close

the organicgreen doctor

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