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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
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Monday, December 28, 2020

covid 19-u got the vaccine now what


the picture above is from a sidewalk artists rendition of the coronavirus going down the funnel and hopefully disappearing
this drawing was a few blocks from our condo 
it has now faded away 
hopefully like this virus will from our psyches this year
there is hope on the horizon

we have to all do our part to make this all go away without losing anymore of our loved ones to this disease

in the us there have been almost 20 million cases of covid 19 diagnosed 
the actual number of infections may be 10x that

there have so far been close to 320,000+ deaths of our loved ones so far

it is expected if this epidemic spirals more out of control over the next few weeks thanks to the christmas and new years travel and get togethers that that number will grow close to around 500,000+ deaths by the end of the first quarter of the year ie april 1st

many of these deaths could have been and could be prevented

the covid 19 vaccines moderna and pfizer are now being given 
they are around 95% effective
they have to be given twice 

astrazeneca is about to be approved in great britain with approval here in the us soon
it according to the ceo is close to 100% effective however its probably less than that
it also has to be given in two doses

so we are all real close to being all protected
my wife she and i are in tier 1-c which means we may get the shot in march or april
sooner would be better
my mother in law is in tier 1b and should get hers in the next 1-2 months

we are all so close so we all need to be real careful
how sad it would be to catch this virus now and die from it with the preventive vaccine just one shot away

so what happens once you get the shot

it takes 4-6 weeks after the first shot to get fully protected
these first three vaccines require two shots
without that second shot you may not be protected

if you get the vaccine now this is important you can still get catch the virus and give it to others
you probably wont get sick with the virus but you will shed the virus for awhile
you will still need to do all the safe things mentioned below

we need about 80% of us to get the vaccine to reach herd immunity

for those of you who refuse to get the vaccine 
sorry please get out of our way
google natural selection and read what  might happen to you
for those of you who believe this is a hoax you can also google natural selection

how long this vaccine will protect you is not known for sure
many experts feel like that we will need to get a yearly vaccine to keep up our protection

it is safe for those who are immunosuppressed to get the vaccine

mr hudson a pediatric kidney transplant recipient on immunosuppressant drugs will be in the last group to be immunized with this vaccine
studies in kids and in kidney transplants are being done now
the experts feel like the vaccine will work in them and will be safe

in my approach to this disease
my goals are

to not to get the covid 19 infection
i may have had it in march but i cant be sure if i did

to keep from giving the covid 19 infection to mr hudson
any other susceptible person i am around

that should be your goal the next few months
dont make your story a sad tragic one

you need to wear a mask around susceptible people in your household
and wear one when you go out
it protects you and them by 70%-99% based on what mask you wear

wash or sanitize your hands
you will catch this virus out of the air breathing it in or on your hands then touching your eyes or your nose or mouth
i sanitize anytime i enter my car or leave my car to protect myself and others
i wash my hands anytime i reenter my house

remember youll breathe it in or get it on your hands

stay at home away from groups or get togethers
most of you will catch it from friends or families

a covid 19 test is only good if its positive
if its negative it doesnt mean you dont have it
if its negative it may mean you dont have it right then but you can catch it anytime after you are tested

covid 19 testing to justify travel gives you a false sense of security 

i repeat a covid 19 test is only good if its positive 

what to do to have a safe get together
to be 100% dont

so far during the holidays i have seen pictures via social media of family and friend get togethers
i look at some of the people in the pictures that are quite vulnerable to this infection
ie they will likely die if they get it 

i look at their younger visitors knowing they will be the trojan horses that bring this virus into the homes

again my advice is dont do it

my wife she and i have been invited to several get togethers in the last few weeks with family and friends
oh how we wanted to see them and hug them and be normal again 

i think about that picture above at the start of this blog 
that covid 19 virus being sucked away down that funnel

we are all oh so close
way down that
deep deep funnel with that virus

please be careful and safe these next few weeks

the organicgreen doctor

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