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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, December 7, 2020

covid 19-light at the end of the tunnel


there is light at the end of the tunnel for many of us in regards to this covid 19 pandemic
many of us will break through the darkness into the light unscathed
we will survive this pandemic

the journey down that tunnel will be treacherous the next few weeks 
that journey will last until we get enough people immunized against the covic 19 virus
when you get immunized you can break out through into the light

the journey will be a real tough journey 
many will not make it
they will be left laying on the tunnel floor along that journey path
many of them could have been saved

when this is all over with each of us needs to look in the mirror and say
did i do all that i could to slow this disease down

i know i will be able to look myself in the mirror when this is over

many of you did not and what we are seeing right now is cataclysmic
covid 19 is now the greatest cause of death in the united states
thats greater than cancer and greater than heart disease
thats real sad

we are about to see the results of us not doing what needed to be done for thanksgiving
well we should see the peak of that effect just in time for christmas
what we are seeing now which is god awful is not even the peak of the iceberg

if yall dont do what needs to be done for christmas then this covid 19 devastation will be 
well i cant think of a good word to describe how bad it will be
maybe apocalyptical would be a good word to describe how bad it will be

just talk to an icu nurse or icu doctor who cares for these patients
watch them be interviewed
even with their masks on you can see the sadness oozing from their eyes
hear it in their voices
they seem to be near the breaking point
sadly things are only going to get worse

here in calfornia we just went back to lockdown
bars churches restaurants salons gyms etc are shut down
churches can have outdoor services
most churches around here though have been virtual since march anyway 
they dont want to put their members at risk
a relative who is an assistant pastor got the covid infection as did his wife and several of the members have covid also and that number will probably continue to increase
there are some things that we like to do thats not safe and if we continue to do them there are consequences bad consequences

once we get vaccinated we can return to almost normal
that is if enough people get the vaccine
if they dont this wont go away

the fda probably will ok this vaccine to be used in the next few weeks
getting the vaccine to all of us will be a massive undertaking like thats never been done before

the frontline medical folks will get the first batch then the long term care patients will be next
these patients are hit the hardest of any group so far in this epidemic
countries like sweden have sort of left them to die
then comes high risk folks who are over 65 or have health issues that put them at risk
this is when my wife she and i will get the vaccine
ill stand in line as long as i have to for my two shots
i want to see that light someday soon
then the rest of folks will get the vaccine after us old people get it
they plan to leave kids to the last group probably this summer since they havent been studied yet in covid vaccine studies

the hope is that next fall all the schools will be open and kids can all return like they usually would do

mr hudson is immunosuppressed and is highly susceptible to the covid 19 infection
he will be in the very last of the last group that gets the vaccine
even then when he gets it since he takes drugs to suppress his immune system so he wont reject his new kidney he will not respond to the vaccine as well as other kids

the secret is to keep the virus away from him
all who are around him will get the covid 19 vaccine
if you dont get the vaccine you have to stay away from him

i personally think that those who refuse to be vaccinated should be labeled somehow so we can all stay away from them

putting an end to this pandemic will not happen until we reach herd immunity 
herd immunity wont happen unless around 75% of us get vaccinated

it will be real sad if we cant reach that percentage here in the us
real sad
it may never go away if that happens

i also think those of us who get vaccinated should get a sticker or bracelet or tattoo or something like the i voted sticker that says i got the vaccine
i might get my first tattoo a i got the covid 19 vaccine tattoo 

if enough of us get the vaccine then we will be ok
if enough do not we are doomed 

we cant let up 
the light is at the end of the tunnel
we are about to undergo the worst public health disaster ever in the us history
it will be bad
worse than it is now

wear a mask
avoid gathering with non family
keep your distance
wash your hands a lot
dont travel
protect your vulnerable family and friends
get your vaccine

dont get left in that tunnel when this is all over
many of us will be out in the bright light at the end of the tunnel enjoying life again

be safe

the organicgreen doctor

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