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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

the worlds greatest vaccines


i guess when the covid 19 vaccine finally arrives here in a few weeks and we see how well it does
it might be put up near the top as one of the worlds greatest vaccines

here is a review article of the top 5 vaccines in the world
here are some of the top vaccines in the world
small pox
tdap or tetanus diphtheria pertussis
mmr or measles mumps rubella
hpv or human papilloma virus

soon to be added will be the covid 19 vaccine if it works as it appears it will
to think we are losing 2-3 thousand americans a day to this infection

i saw this morning a graph that showed the top 10 worst days for deaths in the united states that they had records for the numbers
it was

the galveston hurricane 
antietam the civil war battle
the san francisco earthquake
last friday covid
last thursday covid
last wednesday covid
last tuesday covid
pearl harbor

its possible that covid will eventually take over all 10 worst days for deaths in the us when this is all over with

so im sure the covid 19 vaccine will be at the top of the vaccine list when we know how well it works

i have personally received the vaccines listed above except for the mmr and the hpv 
i actually had measles and mumps and im not sure about rubella
i remember well how sick i was as a child for about two weeks with fever and rash 
they kept me in a dark room for the whole time i was sick

i hope to get my covid vaccine in that second wave of covid vaccines this late winter or early spring
ill breathe a sigh of relief when i get that second booster

i have the scar from my small pox vaccine 
small pox was eventually eradicated from the world years ago

they thought measles was eradicated about 20 years ago but thanks to the antivaxxer movement the measles has made a come back

will the covid 19 be eradicated 
probably not 

i never saw a case of small pox
i never saw a case of polio but had patients that had it when they were younger
they had paralysis usually of the lower extremities
in talking with my older siblings they had friends that got polio before the sugar cube vaccine became available

i never saw a case of measles during my medical career but as i wrote above i had it as a child
i do remember a young girl when i was a medical student who was bedridden with severe brain damage from measles as she had measles encephalitis
i saw cases of mumps and a few cases of rubella

i saw one case of tetanus when i was a morgue attendant in medical school
it was a farm worker who had never been immunized
he died an awful tramatic death

i never saw a case of diphtheria
i had two aunts that died at a young age that might have been diphtheria or maybe the spanish flu 
i saw several cases of whooping cough or pertussis
one case i will always remember is  a 4 month old who had it
she coughed and kept the petechia or ruptured vessels on her face for months
at times it sounded like she would choke to death even weeks later
i cant imagine what it was like for those young parents those months she had symptoms
fyi she turned out to be a healthy toddler without symptoms

i saw a lot of hpv during my career and treated it to reduce the lesions
of course i saw a few patients in my career who developed cervical cancer 
now we know that most of these cervical cancers are caused by hpv
it also can cause throat cancer
its the only cancer that can be prevented by a vaccine

now we are down to the covid 19 vaccine
it is amazing to think that because of this vaccine and if all of us get it that one year from now that as long as we all keep our vaccinations updated
this disease may become like the others that we dont really as a society have to worry about it

thank you science
for figuring this all out and saving all those lives

we need to believe in science

the organicgreen doctor

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