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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Friday, February 12, 2021

alzheimers news-more dementia patients die from covid 19


its seems logical that those with dementia would die more with covid 19 than the regular population just because they tend to be older and in long term care and in assisted care situations at their homes and have a bunch of different health issues that put them at risk for covid 19 infections
if they get the infections they are likely to die

we have all seen the reports of how this covid 19 goes through long term care facilities like a wild fire

when these researchers looked at dementia patients vs non dementia patients with the same living arrangements and age and health issues 
the dementia patients were up to 4 times more likely to die from covid 19

why is that
it could be they are more dependent on others for their care 
others who do not have dementia may not need as much care

remember these folks will probably only catch it from others bringing covid 19 to them
either as healthcare workers or family or friends
an elderly downstairs neighbor of an acquaintance just died from covid 19
her son may have brought it to her
he is now in the hospital with covid 19

remember its the younger folks who are spreading the virus to these older patients
if they are in a large facility the patients start spreading it around themselves or it gets spread by the staff

i think these facilities should have a requirement that all staff and all long term patients have the covid 19 vaccines
no vaccine you dont stay there and you dont work there
no exceptions
exceptions leads to more deaths

this may be what a lot of schools employers medical offices hospitals etc may have to adopt as their policies

this will more likely to start happening with the liability law suits start
that always forces the issue

so there is something happening in these dementia patients that is different than the non dementia patient

is it social or physical
social for sure
just think about a loved one with dementia trying to survive in this covid 19 world

physical probably 
the dementia patient has probably a worse immune system 
they probably have poorer nutrition 
they probably have poorer personal care
their vascular system tends to not be as good 
there is inflammation ongoing in the brain as part of alzheimers disease

there is something happening with them thats making them die at a higher rate

we need to try to protect them as much as possible

anyone around them should get the covid 19 vaccine
that includes family friends healthcare workers personal care workers
especially family 

anyone around them should be double masked
wash their hands frequently 
keep people distanced from them 
let them safely get fresh air
and for goodness sakes dont have a family get together with them

i told my wife she the other day 
if i get to where i am demented and am not living life as i would want to
i catch covid 19
please isolate me so i cant give it to others
let me go 
do not i repeat do not let me go to the hospital
consider it as my time

i got this my chart notice from ucla
you have an invite a ticket to review

i signed on and there it was an invite a ticket 
to get a covid 19 vaccine this weekend

i consider it a phenomenal valentine card
well thats what my wife she said
she doesnt have to give me one this weekend this ticket will suffice

so tomorrow i will with her make the trip south to ucla to get my vaccine
either moderna or pfizer 
ill take whatever one is available

we have to find one for her

please be careful and safe with your elderly family and friends
be especially careful with those who have dementia
they are even at greater risk of dying from covid 19

my heart goes out to folks whose family have dementia during this pandemic
especailly those in long term care

i cant imagine having to deal with something like this when my mom and my younger brother were in these facilities

be safe with them

the organicgreen doctor

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