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Monday, February 8, 2021

covid 19-what do the teachers and school nurses really think


here is my opinion
i am a retired family physician who reads a lot on the covid 19 pandemic and keeps up with what is going on in the covid 19 world

i also am a grandfather who sits with ms b as her monitor for her virtual kindergarten class 3 days a week
someone else does the other two days

i have spent the last 3 years in this kindergarten class with her teacher for 2-3 hours each thursday
i know what the live kindergarten class should be like

i know the teacher the secretary the principal the superintendent the chef the janitor the librarian the groundskeeper many of the other teachers
i think i know what its like to be a kindergartener in that school

a school 
where ms b should be spending her kindergarten year with me in the classroom with her each thursday and teaching her and her classmates how to garden 
thank you mr covid 
im not this year

i know from my first year as a kindergarten monitor of ms b and from my 3 years of being in that kindergarten class
the best place for her and her classmates is no doubt 
live in the classroom

i can see as i watch her zoom her class all that she is missing
especially all the social interactions she has been missing
i sometime tear up just thinking about it

that said
i dont think she should return to live classes yet
here is why

in our county santa barbara
9% of the cases are in kids 0-17 with maybe one death 
11% of the cases are over 70 with that group having 66% of the deaths

i think that the schools shouldnt open until all the teachers and staff and kids are immunized
how safe would the schools be if that happened
when can that happen 
maybe by the fall
how safe is it now as it is with probably very few immunized

i tell my wife she you may get the chance only once to be wrong
if that student brings home the virus to a vulnerable loved one like one over 70
you can see how bad that statistic can be

is one person dying because the school is opened worth it

i say its not

now remember i think all the schools should be opened 
thats what is best for the kids
is it safe
i say no its not
probably not until this fall

we only have a few months left so why not just finish it like we are now
start a fresh start this fall
how many lives will be saved if we do it this way

so i thought who better to ask then those on the frontlines
those who really know whats going on
the administrators or the politicians or the ones that have other agendas or the teacher unions

so teachers and school nurses 
please answer this question for me 

should the schools be opened now or should they wait

if you are in school do you feel safe

have you been immunized yet

if so how does that make you feel being immunized and teaching
teaching unimmunized

if you were running the show what would you do

do you know of a student that has gotten the covid 19 from school
do you know of a student that has carried the virus home to a vulnerable loved one
do you know of a teacher or school nurse or employee that has caught the virus from the school
do you know if any of those wht got infected this way have died

what is the school doing to protect you and the students
i know i have heard from some of you that you dont feel safe at school
i know some of you have decided to retire 

you can answer this on my blog anonymously via a comment or reach out to me via my facebook messenger or blog messenger on facebook or twitter or text or email your answer

you who are on the frontlines are the ones that should be asked what we should be doing

the organicgreen doctor

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