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Thursday, February 4, 2021

covid 19-this 80+year olds story of getting her vaccine

this is the story of an 80+ year old female who just got her covid 19 vaccine
can you hear that loud loud noise
thats the sighs and tears from her family members knowing that she is protected now

we were asked to help her to get her vaccine not by her but by her family and friends

80% of the deaths from covid 19 are people over 65 years old
75% of the transmissions of the virus is from folks aged 20-49
these old people are dying from a virus that their grandkids and kids and nephews and nieces and others give them

so who should we immunize first
well i go for the group thats dying the most from covid 19

this person is an active octogenarian
she lives alone
she works in a retail store at least 20 hours a week sometimes more
so you know that she gets exposed every day to at least one customer with covid 19
she wears gloves and wears a surgical type mask

just doing this makes her at risk of catching the virus

her buddies around her age get together frequently unmasked sometimes like a lot of folks do with close friends
they have been known to make a run to a local casino
i think they at least have to wear masks there

she thinks nothing of going to the grocery store or pharmacy etc
she does wear a surgical mask or a kn95 mask when she is outside
she was recently convinced to double mask in high risk situations which she now does

as i told her family members who talked to me about this its a wonder that she hasnt gotten covid 19 already
of course
based on her age her chance of survival from covid 19 is not good like most 80+ year olds

she also gets together with some family members in their home without masking again like many others do 

like many of us some of her friends and family have not been encouraging for her to get the vaccine
a real disservice to these high risk persons
a real disservice to humanity

eventually when all of us get the vaccines the only ones left to get covid 19 will be those who cant take the covid 19 shot and those who dont believe in it
those will be the ones that we will see dying from covid 19

many folks say that they are not going to get the shot since they gave all those reasons we hear from folks
other relatives and friends begged them to do it ie get the shot
we want to get together again as a family they said
if we dont all get the vaccine that will never ever happen again

many older folks only use a phone and have no internet service or email
they do not know how to find out about the vaccine
enter her younger family and friends and their medical neighbors who began to monitor the internet for her and use their medical connections to find her a vaccine

just their age puts them at high risk 
then add all the activity she does the risk is even greater
sadly her close friends may not get theirs

eventually she was told when she called her doctors office it would be months later before she could get a shot
using the internet her covid 19 vaccine group eventually located a vaccine for her but it was an hours drive away

her family pleaded and cried and well harassed her until she gave in

this is the cropped picture of the i got my covid 19 vaccine sticker
now i want me one of these

so now she has shot number one what does that mean
in one week she will be 80% protected from getting the covid 19 infection
in three weeks after getting her second pfizer shot she will be 90+% protected
she will most likely not die from covid 19 but her older friends might
she will much more safely be able to continue the activities she was doing and is not going to stop from doing
she will be able to interact safely with friends and family who are also immunized
she might still be able to carry the virus and give it to others who are at high risk
this is being looked at real closely in studies to see if immunized people can infect others

then there is the new variants that will factor into this
will these variants remain sensitive to the vaccines

for that reason even if you get the vaccine
i repeat
for that reason even if you get the vaccine you should continue
to mask
keep a safe distance from others
avoid gatherings
wash your hands
stay away from unimmunized high risk individuals

these recommendations will last im afraid way into the future

those that dont follow them will help continue to spread this worst pandemic ever

the family is so relieved she is vaccinated
a load is off their mind and their hearts

please follow the rules and dont be part of making your at risk friends and family ill with covid 19

the oganicgreen doctor 

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