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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

covid 19-more on the vaccines


in yesterdays blog titled which vaccine should you get i described how the jj covid 19 vaccine works slightly incorrectly
here is an excellent article on the jj vaccine and how it works

it uses the adenovirus which has been attenuated or made not infectious
this virus has dna in it that programs the bodies immune cells to make mrna which programs the immune cells to make the spike proteins
this virus when injected into the body causes no illness and the dna enters the bodies immune cells nucleus to start up the mrna production of spike proteins
these spike proteins are then released into the surface of our immune cells for our body to make antibodies to kill the covid 19 virus

the astrazeneca vaccine uses the monkey virus not the jj vaccine
the moderna and pfizer vaccines dont use viruses
they use mrna

this dna technology as well as the mrna technology that moderna and pfizer uses are now used to entice the body to make antibodies against certain cancers
in fact
these mrnas can be made to make proteins from your particular individual cancer so the body will attack it and kill the cancer

one reason we have these vaccines only 1 year after our first person died from covid 19 in the us is that the technology used was already being used and or was already programmed and ready to go just waiting on that first infectious disease to use it against

even today with these three vaccines in a matter of weeks the vaccines can be tweaked and changed to attack any new variants or mutations that occur

im not sure if the others that havent been approved yet have this capacity 
they might

which is the best one to get

the first that one thats available

in the future each vaccine may work better in certain categories of patients eg if you are immunosuppressed one vaccine may be better for you then the next
in a year we will know more about them

maybe in a year we can more accurately chose which vaccine to take

as of now though 

just get the first one thats available

the organicgreen doctor

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