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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, March 8, 2021

covid 19-no water no electricity now no masks for texas

last month the texas electrial grid failed
it left texans without water and electricity in subzero temps for days
this no water no electricity was the result of poor decisions being made by texas politicians
this lead to the deaths of several people in texas 
this lead to the loss of millions and millions of dollars to the economy of the state
one little kid froze to death in his bedroom
one grandfather froze to death in his lounge chair

there is only one person who has the final responsibility for this
yes blood is on their hands

it seems that person has decided to stop the mask mandate and to open things up 100%
i must say didnt that person learn their lesson last month
they still have the dirt from that disaster on their hands
now here comes another disaster

texas has about 29 million in population
about 2.2 million have been immunized
thats a rate of about 7+%
texas has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the us
that means that about 27 million texans are unprotected from covid 19

so what do you do if you are in control
well you make it easier for them to get infected

here are some facts
we have 3 vaccines available right now
they all work well against the virus
before long there will be two more vaccines added to the choices
in 3 months there will be enough vaccines for every one that wants a vaccine
only then will it be safe to open up 100%
even then
we should still all wear masks

the variants or mutants one month ago represented 10% of the cases 
they now may represent 40% of the cases in some areas
based on what happened in other countries when the rate gets to 50% the infection rate takes off again
they are probably already there

in houston one of the largest cities in the us they have all the known variants like the california the new york the uk the south african the brazilian are all there now
things will only get worse in houston and thus texas

why not wait 2-3 months before they let their foot off the gas pedal
they already caused all those people to die
this no mask 100% openings will definitely lead to more folks to die in the next 2-3 months from covid 19
they would not die if they could get the vaccine before they get exposed

do they have this death and destruction wish for texas or what

masks matter
hooking up your electric grid to other states
preparing your electrical generating plants for the extreme cold
not doing so killed all those people and caused all that destruction

not wearing masks and opening things up too early will kill a lot more than those frozen people

texas has already lost around 45,000+ to this covid 19 pandemic
why would you want to add more

at least major businesses and cities arent changing their requirements
thank you heb
masks are required
social distancing is required
at least i guess those politicians didnt say quit washing your hands

we just need to all get vaccinated before we ease up on restrictions

it must be hard to sleep at night knowing you killed all those people
it is going to be hard to sleep at night knowing that you will be killing more texans over the next 2-3 months

how can you look yourself in the mirror each morning
oh i know
you are vaccinated and dont have to worry about it

what are they thinking

i got my second shot of pfizer this weekend at ucla
so far yesterday i had a sore arm fatigue body aches like the flu and a mild headache
i am happy i am having these symptoms
that means its working

ive noticed i feel more comfortable doing things knowing that i probably cant get infected now with the covid 19 virus
i also am not likely to transmit the virus to others 

according to the cdc i can more safely socialize some

however those 26 million unvaccinated texans should not be socializing
not yet 

give me liberty 
give me death i guess is their motto

i still despite what the texas politicians say
wear my mask
double mask if i am in high risk areas like the stores or doctors office
wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer
keep 6 ft or more from others
avoid gatherings

i am doing all of this until the experts like the cdc or infectious disease experts or virologist or public health tells me to do otherwise
i listen to the experts not the politicians

in our circle now we have only 1 high risk person thats not immunized
thats mr hudson
we will continue to do masking and handwashing around him
we wear a n95 or equivalent mask when we are around him

be sure and review the cdc new recommendations on socializing

if you are not immunized or cant get immunized and you are high risk make sure you are only around immunized folks and that they are always well masked

remember even though you are immunized you can still spread the virus to others even though you wont get sick

dont listen to your politicians 
listen to the scientists

be safe

we are
real close

the organicgreen doctor

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