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Monday, March 22, 2021

covid 19- the v race between v1 and v2


the race is on now as we are getting near to the end of this pandemic
i call it 
the v race

its the variants or v1 against the vaccines or v2

the variants are
mainly the uk or united kingdom variant 
ill spare you the numbers they use to name it
the uk variant is easier to remember

there also are the brazil one and the south africa one and now the california one
the prevalent one is the uk variant

basically a variant is the old original or wild type of covid 19 that has changed its spike proteins enough that makes it more infectious or more contagious or more virulent
you chose what word to use to call it
they all sound bad
virulent sounds worse to me

the uk is the one that shut down great britain recently
luckily all three of the vaccines used in the us work against the uk variant

now if you are vaccinated
well thats only about 10% of yall
you are protected
that leaves somewhere around 90% of yall not protected unless of course you had the covid 19 infection before then you are probably protected some against the uk variant

so that leaves if you do some loose math of about 60-70% of yall susceptible to this more contagious maybe as much as 50-70% more contagious or virulent or infectious variant
again chose which word you like to use

to me when it comes to the uk variant virulent sounds worse

what would you recommend that people do if you knew that 70% of them were susceptible to this new virulent strain

you would say 
dont let up

keep wearing you mask
keep a safe distance from others
avoid large gatherings
wash your hands
get your vaccine whichever one you can get as soon as you can

what do a lot of folks do 
what do a lot of states do
what do a lot of governors do

they say 
quit doing all that stuff
lets just open everything up to the masses

10% vaccination rate is not high enough to really protect the masses against this uk variant which is now in some places 40% of the cases
we need about 70% vaccination rate to reach the level we need

we could be a couple of months away from that number

the next 6-8 weeks will tell the story 
all the travel and spring break stuff thats happening will have its toll
if a peak occurs again

there will be a lot more people die every day that could have been saved or prevented from dying

when i see those 1000+ people die each day i think if they could have gotten a vaccine a month or so ago they would be alive

in 6-8 weeks we will still be saying that same thing

the race is on 
the variants vs the vaccine and i might add our stupidity 

im afraid our stupidity might win this race

in the us
there have been
29.8+ million reported cases   
542,000 deaths   
44 million fully vaccinated folks

in california 
there have been
3.6+ million reported cases     
57,500 deaths     
about 24% who have received at least one dose of vaccine 

in santa barbara county 
there have been
32,000 reported cases               
435 deaths         
about 10% fully vaccinated

in the last two weeks 
cases are plateauing in many states
going down in some states
going up in other states

the variants are increasing in those states most likely that are going up or plateauing 

california down 41%
texas down 35%
arkansas down 25%
michigan up 99%
florida down 13%
indiana down 6%

over the next few weeks pay attention to 
the two spring break states florida and texas
if the variants are spreading you will see their numbers rise

pay attention to indiana
the ncaa tournament is going on there now and for a couple more weeks
if the variants are around that tournament
ask vcu players what they think since they had to forfeit their tournament game 
you will see indianas number go from plateauing to rising 

we are on the lost leg of the race
lets dont get a cramp
fall behind
lose the race

it is sad that anyone else has to die from covid 19 since there is a prevention that is almost 100% effective against this awful disease

we as a country shouldnt accept any more deaths from this virus

be safe
get your vaccine
wear you mask
get your vaccine
wash your hands
get your vaccine
keep your distance
get your vaccine
avoid large groups
get your vaccine
follow the cdc guidelines on getting together with others

dont be the reason your loved one died when the death could have been prevented

win the race

the organicgreen doctor

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