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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, November 28, 2022

covid 19-the trifecta is here now


this picture was taken of a sidewalk artists rendition of the covid virus
when i took this picture almost 3 years ago i really thought we would be all done with this virus by now

now its rendition is the bq.1 and the bq.1.1 subvariants that are taking over
they are more transmittable but lucky for us arent causing as much deaths as the wildtype
those who are older and those who are immunosuppressed are getting the worst of this new variant
we are losing 300 folks a day now with covid in the us

the original wildtype one was more virulent and caused over a million deaths thanks partially to political and social shenanigans and the fact a vaxxine wasnt available
now most americans have been vaxxed and or have had the covid infection so most have some immunity

that immunity doesnt completely stop this new variant but it slows it down so that generally only those who are vulnerable will suffer the worse from a covid infection
i got sick with what i think was covid in march 2020
i was sick for weeks from a total lack of appetite
i lost almost 50 lbs and looked like a skeleton
at one point i thought i would die
i didnt

i lived to cach it again 6 weeks ago
i had minimal symptom but since my wife she had it i tested and tested positive
i got on paxlovid and had no symptoms 2 days later
i did rebound in about 10 days with a cough and marked fatigue which gradually resolved

i also had two other respiratory illness the last 2 months that werent the flu or covid
i felt worse from them then i did from the recent covid infection

the sources of these infections were probably grandkids and a traveling acquaintance
thats probably how many of you will catch these respiratory infections even if you are being careful

so to protect yourself against covid

get all your booster shots especially the bivalent covid shot
since my wife she and i got covid we will wait until january to get ours

wear a mask in high risk situations

if you do test positive and are in a high risk category consider taking paxlovid
eg my wife she and i had symptoms and tested ourselves and got paxlovid for 5 days
i know that stuff leaves an awful taste in your mouth but its better than being sick

avoid sick folks as most will either have covid rsv or the flu

wash your hands 

if you are sick stay home

the flu is here now
its going to be worse than the last two years since folks have been not as active  and are now not doing protective things like masks 
its a h3 virus

the flu shot works ie they got it right this year
it can prevent you from getting the flu and from getting sicker 
the same groups are at risk from getting the flu as with covid
there are antivirals you can take that may slow it down some but you have to get on it within 2 days of starting symptoms eg tamiflu

my advice
get the flu shot
wear a mask in high risk situations
consider testing and taking meds if you are high risk
wash your hands
stay home if you are sick

the rsv or respiratory synctial virus outbreak is here
it attacks young infants preemies and older folks the worse
there is no treatment

kids especially babies can get in respiratory distress and need nebulizing treatments and some will need to be hospitalized
older folks can get a bad bronchitis that can lead to respiratory distress and hospitalizations
grandparents if you catch this you will probably get it from your grandkids

i have had a heavy exposure over the years to rsv so hopefully i have a lot of immunity to it
as one gets older that immunity wanes a lot

we have two years of kids that havent been exposed to rsv so they have no immunity to it so we are seeing those two years of kids getting sick with rsv in the same year this year

my advice
wear a mask around sick kids
wear a mask in high risk situations
wash your hands

there is nottreatment or vaxxine
there may be a vaxxine available for pregnant women and older folks next summer
there will be one for kids later

i read today even the birds and chickens are getting hit hard from avian flu this year
hope it doesnt jump to us humans and cause more misery

so my advice
get your vaxxine shots
wear a mask
wash your hands
avoid sick folks
stay home if you are sick
kids need to seek medical evaluations if respiratory symptoms worsen 
same for us old folks

next year these three viruses will have preventative vaxxines we can take to prevent us from getting sick

be prepared for a bumpy bumpy ride this winter in regards to respiratory illness

the organicgreen doctor

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