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Thursday, November 3, 2022

garden news-my favorite dish from the garden


this is definitely my favorite dish that we or should i say my wife she cooks from our garden
all the vegetables in the dish during the growing season is harvested fresh from my garden

i have had several folks reach out to me and ask for the full recipe
here below is all the ingredients and my wife shes well worn and used recipe page
damaged goods gratin of eggplant tomatoes and chard

now eggplants arent something a lot of folks like to plant ore eat
i planted the black beauty and black diamond eggplants
i mainly plant it for this dish
we also use it in soups and stews and in grilled veggies and in a delicious eggplant dip my wife she makes
i also like it cut into slices like a tomato and fried

this year i planted one eggplant in my garden that produced all the eggplants we needed plus i donated a lot to be donated to the soup kitchen and shelters and food pantries

in our garden we plant several different varieties of eggplant
for this recipe my wife she likes the black beauty variety

my wife she uses large heirloom tomatoes sliced in this dish
she also likes to use cherry tomatoes to spread along the top

in the garden i plant black krim and cherokee purple to be used in this dish
for the cherry tomatoes i plant sweet 100s

my wife she uses yellow onions or sweet onions

in the garden i grow the dixondale texas sweet 1015 and  early white onions
i recently ordered my winter onion plants that will arrive after thanksgiving 
we will plant around 80 in my garden and close to 300 in our community garden

swiss chard
we usually have chard growing in our garden all year round
it does the best here in the fall winter and spring
we use it in salads when the leaves are smaller
larger leaves are used in soups and stews
the stalks i sometime will use in place of celery
the large leaves we mainly use in this dish 

i grow basil from early spring to early winter
we picked this basil fresh from the garden
we also make a lot of pesto with the basil and freeze it

so as i grow my veggies each spring and summer i am planting things above that go in this recipe

now i was real skeptical about this dish the first time my wife she cooked it
that combo of ingredients dont sound good
when you mix them all together the flavors just merge together

it also fills the condo with wonderful smells

we have served it many times to skeptical folks who loved it

here are the ingredients she uses
all the veggies normally come fresh the day she cooks it from our garden
yesterday though she used my last crop of black beauty eggplants and the onions we had frozen in our freezer
the basil came fresh out of our garden
the swiss chard had been all harvested a few days before so we had to buy our chard this time
she got the fresh organic tomatoes from the grocery store 

normally in the late spring and summer and early fall it all comes fresh from the garden

here is the page that describes how to put all this together
note all the old stains on the recipe page
thats always a good sign
you should be able to click and enlarge the page to read it

try it
you will be glad you did
i know 
its eggplant and swiss chard and yall dont like those
trust me
i was thinking the same thing
i grow my veggies just for this dish


the organicgreen doctor

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  1. IT looks like you have an amazing garden . I will try the dish for sure .