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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, November 7, 2022

fell back felt tired fell asleep


ok ive given it one day
im ready to get rid of daylight not savings time or dlnst

this weekend i read an article about how to trick yourself the day before daylight savings time hits
i tried a few tricks

i reduced my afternoon nap by an hour
at around 800pm i turned my clock back to 700pm and decided to use the new day before day light not savings time or dlnst to trick myself into getting use to the new time

so around 730pm dlnst i was watching tv and got real droopy eyed
i persevered and made it through to 900pm dlnst
then i fell asleep
hoping to wake up around 4 or 5am dlnst
at around 230am dlnst my eyes opened real wide and they wouldnt close
i tried to go back to sleep but finally gave up
i felt like by falling back i fell flat on my face

then around 430am dlnst my wife she says
our grandson nf staying with us didnt get the news about the dlnst changes
hes wake and wants out of bed

so up he is at 430am dlnst happy and playing with all those toys spread around everywhere
he seemed unphased by dlnst
we decided to not pick them up every day since they just got all spread out again
we just do the grandparent shuffle to keep from poking the bottom of our feet with pointy toys

i must say i did enjoy the sun coming up an hour early shining into our living room window
i always feel so much better when this happens

i spent the morning working in my garden

nf did great all day until noonish when he crashed for a good 2 hour nap

i added caffeinated coffee this day to my decaffeinated i usually drink
it worked well until after lunch
i crashed for my usually 1-1 1/2 hour nap
3 hours later i woke up all drooling and groggy headed

then it was time for a evening meal with our kids
so at around 500pm dlnst we headed over to eat
it was dark as it could be

when i got home i looked at the time on the car it said 700pm
good i said
ill watch my sunday night football show i dvred then settle down so i can get asleep sometime after 800pm dlnst
i got home and looked at my iphone
it was only 600pm dlnst
it felt like it was  900pm dlnst

i watched my show
finished it by watching the back of my eyes 
i awoke hours later then went to bed

at 300am dlnst my eyes opened wide open 
im now wide awake at that time

so i had a decision to make
do i add more caffeine to my coffee again today
just go far it with decaf coffee

decaf it is
im going to let nature do its thing without any caffeine stimulation

this dlnst thing isnt starting out so good so far

i can only imagine how all those kids are going to feel today at school
poor teachers dealing with all this falling back feeling tired

its time i say to pick regular time or daylight savings time and quit changing it

i did notice the animals dont seem to be bothered by all this 
why cant us humans be like them

i want this to be the last time i fall back and i dont want to fall forward or spring forward in a few  months

do you job fix this

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