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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

covid 19-101 reasons to wear a mask


i was going to write down 101 reasons to wear a mask 
i didnt make it that far
here is my short list

the main reason to wear a mask is if you are unvaccinated
it can prevent you from getting infected
it can prevent you from spreading the virus to someone else who is not vaccinated

the main reason to wear a mask if you are vaccinated
there is a miniscule chance you could get infected and spread the virus to others
thats why i wear a mask even though i am vaccinated
it just feels right when i slip that mask on going out my front door
someone who always wears a cap
this mask is my cap
im ok with doing that

getting vaccinated and wearing your mask are the two things we need to all be doing to help end this pandemic

other reasons to wear a mask
some tongue in cheek with a smile reasons

you can look at someone who makes you mad and say
you a$$%%%%
they cant see you mouth the word and probably cant hear you either
man that feels good when i can do that
you can substitute any word you want like well use your imagination

you dont have to smile at folks anymore

you can stick your tongue out at someone and they dont know it

you can frown and they dont know it
you can smirk at them and they probably think you are smiling at them 
you dont have to wear make up 
you dont have to wear lip stick
although ask someone with a chapstick addiction as masking is a problem
you can chew gum and smack when you chew and no one knows
they probably think you are just talking to yourself

you can sing songs and not irritate other people
they probably think you are just humming the lyrics

you dont need a kleenex anymore or have to use your sleeve as one anymore
you dont have to use sunscreen on your face anymore
although if you arent careful you can get left with a sunburn mask like the lone rangers mask
you can wear a mask and wear a hat and wear sunglasses
a true way to go incognito

as a male i have felt the exhilaration of removing my mask that must be like a women feels when they rip off their bra as soon as they get home

i dont have to trim my beard or shave very often 
i wait until it interferes with my mask wearing

you dont have to trim you nose hairs
you dont have to trim your mustache 

if you get a cold sore no one really knows
if you get an acne flareup no one really knows either

you may have less allergy flareups

you may have less asthma flareups
you will be healthier as you will get less upper respiratory infections and colds
you will be less likely to get the flu
you will be less like to get pneumonia

if you smoke you might smoke less

you can talk about someone to their face and if you do it right they wont be able to understand what you are saying
you will 

do you have a good reason to wear a mask not listed above

this weekend we had a mask wearing life changing event
mr hudson who is nearing 3 years old and who will be soon celebrating his one year life with his new kidney agreed that he would start wearing a mask in order to see the dinosaurs at the museum

he right now has been at the mercy of any unvaccinated person he encounters to be masked to protect him should they be covid infected
he is able to protect himself by wearing his mask when he leaves the house

he and others are nearing some return to normalcy
its been a long long year
we are all ready for that to happen 

remember only 40.7% of americans are fully vaccinated
we are still losing over 500 folks a day to the covid 19
it hasnt gone away
few if any of those who died were vaccinated

that leaves a lot of folks at risk to get infected
wear your mask

mr hudson will wear his mask
he will definitely get his vaccine when its time

be safe
wear your mask like mr hudson does now

if he can do it you can do it
get vaccinated
save your life and maybe someone elses life

the organicgreen doctor

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