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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

yes president biden should take a memory test


someone texted me once after biden gave a speech then did a press conference
whats wrong with him 
does he have dementia

no i have watched him closely doing his speeches and answering questions from reporters
he has a life time problem with stuttering
he was bullied as a child
he has learned techniques that he uses to keep from stuttering
thats why sometimes he is slow to answering questions
it takes a while to get the words out
he pauses instead of stuttering

many of you saw him with the elementary kid that suffered with stuttering

it is normal for someone over 65 years old to have some problem with names and recalling words
that is not abnormal
that is not unusual
that is not dementia

now does he seem to have dementia or memory loss
no i see no evidence that he does
thats from someone who knows a lot about memory loss
personally and professionally

that said
now to the original question
should president biden get memory tested

my answer 
yes he should on an annual basis

if you are over 65 and are on medicare you qualify for an annual wellness exam covered by medicare
as part of that wellness exam
a memory evaluation is required

commonly the provider will do a mini cog exam or similar exam
draw a clock and draw in the time
they also will give you 3 words to remember 
you will be asked to repeat them in about 5 minutes
flunk that test and you probably have memory issues
note missing one word isnt abnormal
its a screening test
if you dont score normal on a minicog or other screening test you need further evaluation

if someone though has early memory issues and does the minicog it may be normal
a more involved test like a moca test or mmse would be better

my initial mincog was normal
my moca was not normal
my last one done at the neurologist was normal at 29

so what should president biden have done
a moca test like trump said he had done
its the one i have done annually at my neurology office and the one i have done regularly for the clinical alzheimers study i am in 

its more sensitive
you can miss 3 items on this memory test and still be normal
i seem to miss one thing every time i do it

my guess is trump didnt get a 30
miy guess president biden will not get a 30
the moca test should be done along with his cholesterol and glucose and other chemistry tests and blood counts and thyroid levels and ekg and cancer preventative tests that one might do on a person his age
one who is president 

then report the moca test along with his other tests
lets have a national discussion what all that means

he should be memory tested each year
just as you who are over 65 should be memory tested each year

the difference is we all get to know his results

so did trump have dementia

does president biden have dementia

the organicgreen doctor

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