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Monday, June 28, 2021

covid 19-we arent there yet are we and myocarditis in young folks


here is some information on myocarditis after the covid vaccines in young folks

the incidence of myocarditis which happens all the time is about 1.95 cases per 100,00 in this age group
in about 1 million young folks you would expect to see in a years time 20 cases of myocarditis

from a study on big 10 athletes who got covid infection the incidence is about 2.3% in looking at about 1,000 student athletes
that would be about 23,000 cases per 1 million infections if extrapolated to that many infected young folks

after getting a covid vaccination there appears to be in 1 million cases of vaccinations in the 12-17 year old age group about 35 cases of myocarditis per million and in 16-39 year old the rate is about 16 cases
here is an american academy of pediatrics article

naturally each year it happens from viral infections
i saw few cases in my career
luckily they all resolved

in the big 10 study there was a high incidence of myocarditis in those athletes who got infected
a real high incidence
thats why many college and professional athletes infected now have to have a heart evaluation before they can be released to play sports again
chris paul the state farm guy who plays for the phoenix suns had to sit out part of the nba playoffs until he could be cleared by the heart protocol for myocarditis

this study implies to me that getting covid for a young athlete is way more risky in developing myocarditis than getting the covid vaccine
a lot lot more risky

if you are vaccinated for covid 19 you have a miniscule chance of getting a covid 19 infection that will make you sick
pretty close to zero

if you are immunosuppressed and you have been vaccinated you need to be real careful
if you are on immunosuppressive drugs for connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis lupus ulcerative colitis etc your vaccine may not be as effective as those who are not immunosuppressed

if you have a transplant the vaccine will not be as effective
one transplant doctor who also is a transplant patient is giving his patients a third booster shot of the covid vaccine which seems to give his patients some antibody protection 
here is an article from webmd on the third vaccine booster

if you are unvaccinated you are at risk of getting covid 19
its not going away 
soon most of the us infections will be the delta variant which is more aggressive

the original one if you got it would allow you to infect 3 people
the delta variant if you got it would allow you to infect 10+ people

its the one thats causing the increase infections in the world now
its the one involved in the uptick in missouri arkansas and other southern states

it will take off this summer and fall 
how bad will be determined by how many folks get vaccinated and how many get infected
and how many have immunity 

remember in some states 70% of the people you encounter are not vaccinated
here its around 50%

we are still loosing 300 folks a day to covid 19
99.8% were unvaccinated

if you are vaccinated you are safe
if you are unvaccinated you are not safe
if you are immunocompromised you may be safe

get vaccinated then dont worry
if you are at risk wear your mask around others in high risk situations
remember most folks you encounter are not vaccinated
if you get infected it will usually be from family or frieinds

since i am vaccinated
i dont really need to wear a mask
i wear one when its required
i wear one if the people i am around are uncomfortable around people unmasked
i wear one if i am around anyone sick with an upper respiratory illness
we will see an uptick of these upper respiratory symptoms this fall and winter
us older folks will get sick from them usually caught from grandkids or other kiddos
you will see me with a mask if i am in those situations

it seems that the risk of getting myocarditis after you get a covid 19 infection is so much greater than the risk of getting myocarditis from the covid vaccine
like everything else when it comes to our health 
we make our own decisions about it

just try to make them based on the facts

the answer to the question in my blog title
no we arent there yet
it may be awhile before we get there

the organicgreen doctor

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