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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, June 21, 2021

covid 19-beware the delta


whats the delta
its known also as the india variant
its what took over india when they thought they were doing so good with the pandemic
its killed thousands of folks there
its now the dominant strain in great britain
here in the us its around 10% of the cases of covid 19
by the winter it will be the dominant variant
it is much more transmittable
which means it more easily infects folks then the original wild type
what this means for the unvaccinated folks in the us
since the vaccinated folks are protected by the vaccine
things you did over the last year will later this summer and fall get you infected
so far here in santa barbara none of the deaths from covid 19 have been vaccinated
they were all unvaccinated
thats whats happening across the us and the world

if you are unvaccinated you are vulnerable

the india or delta variant and other covid 19 infections are seeing an uptick in missouri arkansas mississippi and alabama since they have the highest unvaccinated folks in the us 
they have a higher population of at risk folks

this delta variant is expected to spread across texas across the deep south to the coast of north carolina and south carolina
low vaccine rates
poor protective measures like masks distancing etc
larger numbers of high risk populations
its attacking younger folks the hardest and fastest

also they are seeing now and are expected to see more later this summer and fall and winter of all the upper respiratory illnesses like covid 19 flu parainfluenza rsv pneumonias
these attack the young and the oldest the most these non covid 19 infections
luckily most older folks are protected from covid 19 now

an aside here
not getting vaccinated will be decreasing it appears the numbers of republican voters across these southern states if the vaccination rates among this political party persists
a deadly form of voter suppression

biden has a goal of 70% of eligible adults to be vaccinated by july the 4th
right now he is around 67% plus or minus here in our county
hopefully as school approaches and when the 6 mo-12 year olds become eligible that number will get much better
maybe then we can reach that magic herd immunity 
that herd number will be achieved by infecting and killing hundreds of unvaccinated folks 
leaving thousands with permanent long term maybe forever disabilities
i talked to a physician who had covid 19 last year when i think i had mine
he was mainly hit with neurological symptoms that persist even now a year ago

its not too late to get vaccinated
if you are not vaccinated you should wear a mask in high risk situations
you will probably catch the virus from kids and other unvaccinated contacts
these contacts are likely to have minimal or no symptoms

be ready later this summer and fall for the next surge of cases
how big it will be will be determined by 
how many more get vaccinated
how safe unvaccinated people are being
how many get ill from the covid 19

be safe and careful if you are unvaccinated

so what am i doing
i am vaccinated
i have a miniscule chance of catching covid 19
i probably can safely do what i want to do without being careful or wearing a mask
i wear a mask in places where its required
its a whiny thing to refuse to wear a mask
its so simple to place it on 
i carry one in my pocket all the time if im unmasked somewhere

if i was unvaccinated i would only wear a n95 mask and do it when outside
no matter what the guidelines are
it is mainly what will keep you from getting infected if you are around folks

thousands of nonbelievers in mask wearing and vaccinations died because of their beliefs
hundreds more will die as the year goes on especially this fall if we dont get more folks immune to this virus
we are doing this to ourselves
while the rest of the world is begging for vaccines
we are being the ugly americans again it seems

i wear a mask when i am around folks who are worried about catching covid 19
i would have no qualms about going to a concert or movie or restaurant or flying now

i will wear a mask if i am in situations this summer and fall and winter where i could catch a respiratory illness such as flu parainfluenza rsv pneumonia etc

beware the delta
its looking for someone to infect 

the organicgreen doctor

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