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Monday, June 14, 2021

covid 19-what to do if you are unvaccinated


here are some latest numbers on how many people are vaccinated where you live
now these numbers are for total population not just vaccine eligible adults

it seems to me this is the number we need to be following
vaccinated of total population
unvaccinated of total population 

46% in santa barbara vaccinated vs 54% unvaccinated

what that means is over half of the folks you encounter here are unvaccinated

28.1% vs 71.9% in mississipi
41 vs 59 in florida
32.1 vs 68 in arkansas
37.4 vs 62.6 in texas
32.7 vs 67.3 in tennessee 
39.8 vs 60.2 in kentucky 
33.8 vs 66.2 in georgia
35.6 vs 64.4 in missouri
32.2 vs 67.8 in louisiana
49.3 vs 50.7 in new york
45.6 vs 50.4 in california

you can add probably between 20-30% to those vaccinated numbers to get an estimate of how many folks are probably immune to getting the infection

80% immunity is probably about where we ought to be to really drop that curve down close to zero

if you live in 
california that means about 65-75% are immune
mississippi that means about 48-58% are immune
texas that means about 57-67% are immune
arkansas that means about 52-62% are immune
etc etc

right now in most places the numbers of infections are down
eg here they are way down
some states like texas are starting to see an uptick in cases
the uk variant is the dominant strain
the india variant is approaching 10% and will become the dominant strain by the fall
it is much more contagious

its expected that this fall when the respiratory infections like the flu parainfluenza rsv bacteria pneumonia start their uptick
so will covid 19

those areas will low vaccine rates and those areas with high risk populations like those states mentioned above across the south will be hit the hardest

so in many of these states around 65-75% of those you encounter will not be vaccinated
ie for every 100 people you encounter 60-70 arent vaccinated

hopefully when we start vaccinating the kids less than 12 we will see those numbers get much better
remember kids dont usually get that sick with covid but they can transmit it 

so in some places this fall after that age group is vaccinated we might be approaching some degree of immunity across our populations

so what to do if you are unvaccinated

if you are in those medically vulnerable categories you need to be real careful
if you are around vulnerable folks you also need to be also careful for them

you should wear a mask when you are in situations that are risky
inside where the ventilation is poor or it feels risky
outside if you can be away form large groups of folks you would be ok
to be safe wear your mask
if you go to church inside wear a mask while there
if you get together inside with unvaccinated folks wear a mask
if you get together inside with vaccinated folks you might be ok if you dont wear a mask
if you go to school wear a mask
if you go to work inside wear a mask

remember out of the 500+- who die each day with covid 19 in the us very few if any were vaccinated ie they are unvaccinated
if you are unvaccinated you are at risk
if you are vaccinated you are probably not at risk

what am i doing
i wear my mask leaving my condo and if i go to a store or a crowded situation or to the garden 
i am really not worried about getting infected since the chances are close to zero
but i know its not zero but close
i know i probably dont need to wear a mask at all
i have noticed though that in some places people dont feel comfortable with you not wearing a mask
wearing a mask is no big deal for me
this weekend while in the community garden by myself i kept my mask on since i realized it has been protecting my face from sun exposure for the last year 
i may keep wearing it for that reason
man i dont wont any more mohs surgery on my nose and face
we no longer wear a mask around hudson
i think he enjoys seeing our faces again

i also might continue wearing a mask through this winter to protect myself from getting sick from all the other respiratory illnesses that may come back this year with a vengeance

if unvaccinated
wear a mask 
keep your distances unless you are around vaccinated folks
most of those you encounter during the day are unvaccinated
if you can get your vaccine unless you medically cant
wash your hands
remember it will be your family and friends that give it to you
think carefully about whether you need to travel
if you are vulnerable because of your health be even more careful

this virus will be coming back stronger this fall and will only infect those who are unvaccinated or who are not immune
how bad it will be will be determined by how many of the rest of yall get vaccinated

i know we will celebrate this fall when ms b and mr hudson get vaccinated then our family will be fully protected

so if unvaccinated be careful

its sad to see those death numbers each day in the us
all of them could have been protected

the organicgreen doctor

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